Lords of the Fallen Review (PixelOpinions)

Years went by and beyond From Softwares own releases, in a genre they essentially created, there were scarce few answers to the question of what to play for a gamer that was looking for more of the same. Enter Lords of the Fallen, a game set to try and carve out its own place in the genre while also being subject to the inevitable comparisons.

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Dspdspes552d ago

Buggy.... i cannot play it because the sound bug....

TheDivine552d ago

Game was surprisingly decent but I hated that the combat was so damn slow. You couldn't customize your character and there weren't any different builds. All you get was slow as mollasses Havel with different magic. Even the fastest weapons are slower than most games great swords. Everything else was decent. One level had really good design and the first boss was super dope. I'd like another with faster combat.