Japan: Famitsu Hardware and Game Charts For Sept 15th to Sept 21st

VGChartz reports via Famitsu that hardware and Software charts in Japan during Sept. 15th to Sept. 21st, 2008 were as follows:

Total Hardware:

DSL: 63,000
Wii: 27,000
PSP: 26,000
360: 14,000
PS3: 8,200
PS2: 7,300

Top 10 Software:

1. Pokemon Platinum (DS) 319,000 1,287,000
2. Dragonball DS (DS) 88,000 88,000 [NEW]
3. Rhythm Tengoku (DS) 40,000 750,000
4. Trusty Bell (PS3) 30,000 30,000 [NEW]
5. Hitman Reborn (PSP) 24,000 24,000 [NEW]
6. Quiz Magic Academy (DS) 23,000 127,000
7. Wii Fit (Wii) 23,000 2,586,000
8. Shinbodio (PSP) 16,000 16,000 [NEW]
9. Hakuoki (PS2) 13,000 13,000 [NEW]
10. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 13,000 1,732,000

Other New Releases:

Unreal Tournament (360) 3,800 3,800 [NEW]
G1 Jockey (PS3) 3,400 3,400 [NEW]
G1 Jockey (PS2) 3,200 3,200 [NEW]
Biohazard UC: The Best (Wii) 2,400 2,400 [NEW]
Unreal Tournament (PS3) 1,900 1,900 [NEW]
G1 Jockey (Wii) 990 990 [NEW]

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Silogon3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yikes, 2 weeks in a row the xbox 360 has outsold the Ps3. That can't be making those wounds heal any quicker on Sony's end.

Sony cannot be happy about this. They will be outsold worldwide for the month of September by both wii and 360. In every region. That can't sit well with anyone in the industry on Sony's fence.

Also, check out how much more UT sold on the xbox 360 than on the Ps3. WOW! sTrange days are coming your way.

fufotrufo3676d ago

and this thread is about to get EPIC!

THC CELL3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Silogon i am getting sick of u now
Xbox has a price cut and they are selling by what 4000 lol u are really really sad man

Ps3 would to gave a price cut right now i think we will be almost closing the gap on the wii and go beyond xbox vs ps3 in sales

Now stop trolling the ps3 forums cause we no u want or have one
and go play on ya wii or xbox 360 cause really all ur first posting will be reported for spam

zenosaga043676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I feel bad for you if you really believe that Silogon

I'm sorry, but two weeks of decent sales don't make up for a life time of poor ones

testerg353676d ago

THC CELL, but you guys are the ones that claim that the 360s wouldn't sell even if MS gave them away. Remember they hate MS? Well atleast that's the reasoning you guys gave last time.

Paiton3675d ago

Notice the dying spike?

Last week 27k
This week 14k

Anyone with a IQ higher than 10 could tell you that the spike in sales caused by the lower 360 price and games, is dying.

Just like every PS3 owner told you 2 weeks ago...

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green3676d ago

Hell must be freezing over as we speak.Anyway good numbers for Microsoft.If they can sustain numbers within the 13,000 - 16,000 mark on weeks like this that there where no RPG's released , then they will be looking at doubling their install base in japan by august next year.

I hope info on CRY ON will be released soon and info on a sequel to Blue Dragon.Hopefully TGS.

Baba19063676d ago

sony needs to drop the price.... its too expensive still in my opinion.

warner383676d ago

Ps3 would to gave a price cut right now i think we will be almost closing the gap on the wii and go beyond xbox vs ps3 in sales

what a joke comment

Flops ''R'' Us3676d ago

Great sales for the Playstation brand

Paiton3675d ago

Remember how they gloated just a week ago guys?

Saying how 360 is crushing PS3 in Japan?
Saying how MS "cracked" Japan?

And we told them that it was a mere spike for a few weeks and that it would die down again?

Guess what? We are proven correct again. Xbots own themselves everytime they open their mouths. Everytime.

Last week 28k 360s, this week 14k. Hahaha SPIKE IS ALMOST DEAD again.


sit down droid3675d ago

haha i look at the droids own them self AGAIN
you got owned on your own turf in the console war.


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