Out of Eight Game Review: Mount&Blade

Out of Eight writes: "Mount&Blade is a unique blend of action, role-playing and strategy set in the medieval (not fantasy) land of Calradia. Independently developed by a husband-and-wife team from Turkey, the game features something sorely lacking from most titles: mounted combat. While it's often described as a "medieval war simulator," that makes it sound too much like Dynasty Warriors. Mount&Blade is really an action RPG that just happens to have large scale battles and a world map that would fit at home in a strategy title. But as you'll soon read, there's a lot more to it than just simulating war."

The Good:
+Sandbox gameplay grants you total freedom
+Elegant mounted combat
+Strategy and trading aspects set this apart from other action RPGs
+One of the most addictive games I have ever played

The Not So Good:
-Occasionally choppy
-There should have been more reason to explore towns

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