Peter Molyneux: Kinect Was a 'Disaster, Trainwreck' — IGN Unfiltered

While the original promise of Kinect "was so enormous," Peter Molyneux believes the "actual delivery of that promise fell so far short."

corroios2237d ago

2 billions dollars out of the window.

GtR35olution2237d ago

Kinect was rubbish but fanat-x touted it as the best control scheme which resulted in Microsoft making a new one which helped the xbox one to a massive failure this gen

AngelicIceDiamond2237d ago

When Kinect was about to release for X1 the hype already gone down hill, maybe not for hardcore Xbox fans but to everyone else the thing was already out the door at the time. No good software and severely hampered hardcore 1stp party games and not delivering on all of its promises. I think Kinect for vanilla X1 was Don's doing ultimately just like not playing used games and 25 hr check in.

darthv722237d ago

It's pretty powerful camera tech and it was wasted on gaming. I saw some better uses for the tech outside of gaming.

S2Killinit2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Yeah better uses like that conference MS held for hollywood insiders, where they said in the future they could use the kinect camera to charge people per head when they rent movies at home. That was a much better use for kinect.

Another great use was how MS could collect data about you and send it back to MS headquarters about things like whether you are a depressed or happy person or about what times of the day you are at home. All great non-gaming uses.

andrewsquall2236d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond But not even a single hardcore Xbox fan is going to say they would love to go back to the Kinect leeching 10% GPU power from their already undepowered Xbone console.

Even darth couldn't do it lol. "I saw some better uses for the tech outside of gaming". Name 3 lol and 3 from the ACTUAL retail/customer end, not fantasy/vapor talk.

bluefox7552236d ago

Perfect example of how fanboy apologists can hurt the industry.

Software_Lover2236d ago

The majority never touted it as "THE BEST" control scheme. Those of us that liked it, liked it for what it was. A good product in the gaming world, is only as good as the games that are made for it. Kinect lacked the software push from Microsoft. Simple as that.

Why o why2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )


I think it lacked the functionality from the get go. No tangible controller was touted by many as its Achilles heel from the first fake n bake demos. It ended up only being relevant for basic level gaming (super casual) and voice controls. We didn't have personal guys behind our curtains at home to get it to do magical things.

MS trying to push it for the x1 launch did not help their cause. Those things are get better reception when they're not forced onto people. Once that uturn freed the bond, the sales of kinect 2 were reflective of the desire and support for it

nveenio2236d ago

Didn't ol' Pete tout the tech at one point and promise an unforgettable experience direct from his studio?

EatCrow2236d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone was certain Kinect controls were flawed after a couple of kinect games and psmove games. Not sure what fanat-x besides heavily intoxicated people you could be talking about.

Even the new kinect for xbox one wasn't even promoted so much as a gaming device and more as a voice command device. That is and was its primary function after a couple of failed kinect games.

The phrase "Xbox on" was everywhere.
Nobody asked for the Kinect. Not even fanat-x as you call them. Hence the backlash with it being bundled at launch.

The hardcore xbox fans dont really buy kinect games. It is insulting, im sure, to the actual hardcore fans that you would even suggest they cared much for the kinect.

InTheLab2236d ago

Anyone remember that one time Kinect won most innovative game on G4TV. With a straight face Sessler tried to justify giving an accessory an award in a category specifically for games.

2236d ago
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Nu2236d ago

Molyneux sure did try to see it.
Here is an Ign parody featuring Jessica Chaobat

Yui_Suzumiya2236d ago

Hahahahha. I remember that xD

fiveby92236d ago

I've never owned a Connect. But did people hate the idea of motion sensing or just how poorly it was implemented? Just wondering as if it would ever resurface in the future would a better implementation make it more useful? Although the idea of a camera in my house is not one I like. I put that in the same category as Amazon Alexa or Google's device.

Nu2236d ago

Lack of games was the biggest problem

2236d ago
VoodooProject2236d ago

Is the Playstation camera 720p?

XanderZane2236d ago

Hhhmm.. they sold millions of Kinect hardware for the XBox 360 though. Sony's MOVE was more of a disaster. Sony killed it after the 1st year it was so bad. Microsoft actually made money off their first Kinect.

The new Kinect for the XB1 was a complete disaster though. Taunted to be something BIG for the XB1 and yet Don Mattrick had pretty much ZERO software for it and nothing for it's future. Thankfully Phil quickly pulled the plug on it after he took charge. I never understood why they though it was needed for the XB1 to begin with.

Now we'll wait and see what VR brings. It's already slowly crumbling on the PS4. Microsoft was smart to let 3rd party companies foot the bill for a VR unit. Hopefully Oculus Rift will get a nice price cut before Scorpio is released.

Flewid6382236d ago

Imagine if those 2 billion dollars went to games.

2236d ago
yeahright22235d ago

That's like 2 whole weeks of cab ride in new York.

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Nyxus2237d ago

The dark ages of the motion control gimmick.

Erik73572237d ago

Its funny cause at the end he says it reminds him of VR

2236d ago
bluefox7552236d ago

Unlike Kinect, VR actually works, it just hasn't had it's potential realized yet.

donthate2236d ago


That sounds eerily similar to what was said about Kinect. lmao!

andibandit2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )


Im totally getting a deja
vu feeling

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Nintendo-or-Nothing2236d ago

Milo was interesting and I do believe that they were onto something. If sea-man for the Sega Dreamcast could work so well you would think that Milo could have been a killer app and a game changer, not a video game but something more.

mcstorm2236d ago

Kinect as technology was is amazing ESP the 2nd edition it was just not supported by the software developers and Microsoft in the same way. Just like ps move and even the psvr now. What was done outside the Xbox was amazing using it to control operations, help people walk. The gient keyboard programme looked fun to. I kind of feel kinect has been moved into hololens now and this seems to be getting some great apps and i think this could be the next big thing but not for another 10 or so years when they become glasses size as it could replace your phone and pc even a console and TV.

rainslacker2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Milo wasn't even a game. It was a tech demo that people touted up as being the most amazing thing ever. The premise was cool, but hardly worth getting excited over with a game. On top of that, the demo itself was proven to be staged, so it didn't even work the way it was supposed to, so in the end, it wasn't even a good demonstration of what they were trying to show. On top of that, what they were showing, didn't even require an expensive camera. It was all software, and could have been handled with a cheap webcam and microphone. Nothing in the demo itself needed anything in the Kinect to be realized.

I never understood why people were so excited for Milo. I could see some applications for AR/VR in it myself, but the actual showing of the tech was lackluster, and since it was staged, completely worthless. There were better demonstrations of AR/VR before milo, but the Xbox hardcore made it out to be something more than it was.

Godmars2902236d ago


Thing is, even when accepting this spin that Milo was only ever presented as a tech demo, Kinect still failed to deliver to any real degree on that "tech demo". None of the full games shown when Kinect was first presented delivered. Its never scanned real world items into games. Its never been an accurate tracking system. Yet the fan base talked it up like it was going to eventually replace standard controllers.

That's probably the issue: the fan base exaggerating claims.

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-Foxtrot2237d ago

"Molyneux believes the "actual delivery of that promise fell so far short"

Well he should know...

Eonjay2236d ago

I know. Its probably because it was his projecct.

2236d ago
Godmars2902236d ago

Don't you still defend Milo?

freshslicepizza2236d ago

"Don't you still defend Milo?"

i defend milo as much as you defend microsoft.

XanderZane2236d ago

Milo was crap. Wasn't even a real interactive experience. The whole thing was rehearsed. lol!! Peter needs to go back to his roots. I still love Populus.

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S2Killinit2236d ago

I dont know how this guy can be taken seriously after Milo

2236d ago
Krysis2236d ago

Yeah because he's always been so honest. Fable 1 anybody

2236d ago
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XiNatsuDragnel2237d ago

Kinect and Xbone shall not be forgotten