4 Things Players Want Added to Battlegrounds

Morgan Shaver (Indie Obscura): With Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds still in its alpha phase, there’s plenty of time to incorporate new ideas.

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Yohshida2421d ago

Good Shooting mechanics
Smaller Map
Shot detection over long range

Allsystemgamer2421d ago

It has good shooting mechanics. It's the hit detection and lag that's off.

PolishWingedHussar2421d ago

The lag is definitely a bit iffy in Battlegrounds as of right now. As far as the map, it's pretty small in that the map reduction phase happens pretty quickly. After about 10 minutes in, you're restricted to a very slim portion of the map. I'd like a survival mode to just explore the map a bit more. Also would be nice to have a place to practice with the weapons, I feel like I get one and shoot it off and die because I'm trash.

Yohshida2421d ago

To clear things up:

I prefer the Shooting in H1Z1, it feels way better. Also the Map Size is Ok. The problem is that people are dropping off over the whole map and not over a smaller space (like H1Z1). Also, no big Citys for real houselights are in.

JamesBondage2420d ago

it doesnt matter where people drop though, because the circle of death pushes everyone together over time, if you want action right off the bat, just drop in a city/town

Yohshida2420d ago

Action for the first 60 sek yes, after that you rarely hear anything. H1Z1 dropping in pleasent valley is pure mayhem

2421d ago
JamesBondage2420d ago

have you not played the game recently? it has chat.. and mod support is most definitely already on the agenda


Krafton profits up to $171.5 million despite lowest quarter since 2020

From GI.biz: "Krafton, the Korea-based publisher behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, released its Q3 financial results alongside news on how it's expanding its collection of studios.

The company reported that it saw revenues of $328.5 million and net profits of $171.5 million, the latter marking a year-on-year improvement of 27%.

Krafton also announced it plans to acquire Neon Giant, the developer behind The Ascent, and open a new studio in Canada."

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PUBG update transforms battle royale meta, makes winning even harder

The latest PUBG update transforms the weapon meta in Krafton’s battle royale game, bringing changes to vehicles and Deston to make winning even harder

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PUBG is too violent and must be banned, says Taliban

PUBG, the battle royale game from publisher Krafton, will be banned in Afghanistan in 90 days as the Taliban says it is a waste of time and too violent

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deleted433d ago

Taliban is too violent and must be banned, says PUBG.

blacktiger432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

incase you didn't know Taliban is a place not Al qaeda or however you spell them. Just saying

CobraKai433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

“Says Taliban”. 😂😂😂