GameStop Has Switches, But Good Luck Buying One

GameStop has a new policy regarding the sales of Nintendo Switch systems. You may have to spend much more than anticipated.

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Nu554d ago

Damn the rich crooks

RedPill86554d ago

Rich? Try going out of business. These ass hats couldn't pay minimum wage for a decent amount of hours every week for the last 10 years. These guys are dying.

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Gridknac554d ago

Its nintendoes fault, don't launch a product without enough supply to meet demand.

Summons75554d ago

Gamestop does this with any wanted product. I remember around Christmas they were "Sold out" of PSVRs but conveniently had the bundles with 2 games for twice the price...
Gamestop are scumbags...moral of the story.

Seraphim554d ago

no doubt, Gamestop has a history for bundling up HOT consoles. They bundle it up with an extra controller, a few games, and some other random items to reap the rewards. Still, Nintendo should have known to bring more console to market at launch. Especially but not limited to the fact a hot new Zelda title launched with the console. Regardless, it's unfortunate profiteers short supply then to boot retailer/s force bundles on those who want just the console & a game.

CorndogBurglar554d ago

No console launches with enough supply to meet demand. It isn't only Nintendo.

This has been a thing since PS2. Consoles sell out on launch day and then you have to wait to get one if you didn't get it at launch.

They do this because it is impossible to know how many will sell. So they launch, see how well it sells, then go from there. The last thing they want is to spend all that money building consoles only for it to not sell. Then they are stucm with expensive consoles and wasted money.

Nintendo had an even better reason. Wii U sold terribly. They didn't know how well the Switch would do. So it only makes sense to be cautious.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will NEVER launch a system with enough supply to meet demand. Its to protect themselves from losing money.

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davand114554d ago

What are you talking about? Nintendo doesn't have any say over what gamestop chooses to do with some of the stock that they get. Gamestop buys the console from Nintendo and they can sell it however they want. This has nothing to do with Nintendo.

Gridknac549d ago

It has everything to do with the big N. If there were consoles available at every retailer to buy, Gamestop would not be able to pull a stunt like this. Simply because you could go some where else and get one. But because the hand held is in short supply, Gamestop can do what ever they want, you will either buy it or do without.

davand114549d ago

Gamestop always does this, they did it with the ps4 too.

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NotoriousWhiz554d ago

If their intent was really to stop scalpers, why not have a "build your own bundle" option so consumers can get the games / accessories they want? Because Gamestop is pro Gamestop and anti consumer, very similar to United Airlines at this point.

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