Dolphin emulator: Samsung Galaxy S8 can smoothly run GameCube Games

Dolphin Emulator has been available on the Android platform for a while now. But it is not very popular considering the performance issues. It is was consider more as a beta tool to run GameCube games on Android smartphones. The smartphones weren’t powerful enough to run this Emulator smoothly that changes when Samsung launched their Galaxy S8 flagships.

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2171d ago
Nu2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

In other news my PC would die if it tried to run these.
I do wonder how capable my PC actually is. I'm going to have to try a graphics card test demo to find out.

Lon3wolf2171d ago

Emu's are CPU intensive not GPU if you weren't aware.

mikeslemonade2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Mobile sucks, don't support those apps.

Th3o2171d ago


You do know these are unofficial applications created by users right? Also mobile gaming is inevitable, its common, and almost everyone has a mobile device which makes it accessible

sinspirit2171d ago

I would be so happy for some GameCube/N64 emulation on the Switch. I can run it on my PC no problem. But, I want it on the go.

Tatanga2171d ago

Good but unplayable. Useless.

2171d ago
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