What If Gaming: Crysis: Warhead Review: Maximum More

What If Gaming writes: "Crysis: Warhead is primarily a subletting experience to the original experience that Crysis "maximum-strength"-ed to. The Crysis experience was always a pleasure. Great graphics, good storyline, solid gameplay mechanics, and OK AI. Crysis: Warhead takes it a step beyond that with improved graphics and AI, with a parallel storyline. Whether Crysis: Warhead is worth paying $29.99 for is something we all were waiting to see.

Crysis: Warhead follows during the same time the protagonist named Nomad's story took place on the island during the original game. This time, we're placed in the shoes of Sergeant Michael "Psycho" Sykes, a character from the original Crysis, as he faces his own challenges on the other side of the island. He begins to investigate on the demurral of reports of Koreans having a warhead after his ship crash lands onto the island. The storyline is engaging, and it's mostly expected as a result from Crytek, so accustomed to making an intense experience and storyline through the original game. In retrospect, seeing the game from another person's aspect was an amazing move that Crytek made for a pending sequel of sorts, and really opens the eye to a new level of gameplay."

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