Nidzumi Bakushow Review: Pictochat Enhanced

Nidzumi writes: "One thing I've noticed is that with gaming sometimes all it takes is a simple premise and your hooked. It's hard to recall all the simple games that make you come back for more time after time but when that simple idea works so well it's hard to stop. That's why Bakushow is a serious dilemma as on one side it's bordering on this ultimately game making concept but it's also incredibly simple to the point that it depends on the user to make the game.

Bakushow is only a multiplayer game that consists of two to four players where one of the players asks a question and then the others have to draw it. Then everyone votes on which one is the funniest or best. The game doesn't pull and surprises nor does it offer anything else past this basic mode. If you have a great group of friends around then this game excels but if they aren't the comical type then this game becomes a chore. The players really do the make the game in Bakushow as all the questions are user inputted. The end result is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone willing."

+Simple Gameplay Done Well
+Interface Doesn't Disrupt Gameplay
+Great With Friends
+Relatively Cheap

-Possibly Too Simple
-Requires Great User Input

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