Sony: PSP Support Will Improve

EDGE:"On Tuesday, we published a report that PSP software support from third-parties has been on a steady decline since 2006, a trend that, if continued, would lead to the abandonment of the system entirely. To get Sony's take on the data we spoke to SCEA director of hardware marketing John Koller, who explained what caused the decline and why it will reverse in 2009."

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BulletToothtony3676d ago

after level 5 announcing 2 great games for the psp i'm sure there will be support from others devs as well..

Oh edge.. report some real news please.. not more hate on sony.. we get it you don't like them.. but enough already

jaysquared3676d ago

Yes hopefully the support will continue because I love my hacked PSP... if you catch my drift!

'_'3676d ago

{i am going to be buying the horror rpg from level 5 for the psp}

badz1493676d ago

I'm tired of hearing news about how the PSP is dead or abandoned...but, I insist to believe otherwise! I love my PSPs and planning to buy PSP3000 later on. but I would love more games to come its way and Sony better show the devs their effort in maintaining the PSP in the market! Square enix, Level-5, Koei all have announced a lot of games for PSP but those are geared more towards the japanese crown! although games like Resistance is coming, there is still a serious lacking of high profile upcoming games on PSP! I really hope that this is true and 2009 will be a better year for PSP worldwide!

sinncross3676d ago

Well let's see:
Patapon 2,
Loco Roco 2,
Prinny (Disgaea),
Ushiro (lvl 5),
Cardboard Senki (lvl5),
Resistance: Retribution,
Dissidia: Final Fantasy,
3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve),
Final Fantasy 13: Agito,
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep,
Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid,
Warriors Orochi 2,
Zill O'll: Infinite Plus
to name but a few possible quality titles on the way.

I personally hope that at TGS we hear something about Gran Turismo Portable, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Gekido: The Dark Angel.

FAQS3676d ago

"I personally hope that at TGS we hear something about Gran Turismo Portable, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Gekido: The Dark Angel."
A: Uau man, I really hope so! That would be Great!!!!
And yes, I'm agree whith you guys, I'm really don't understand how some guys say that PSP will not have any games coming!...Just have a look at your list and many others to come!

snoopgg3676d ago

I didn't see that one on your list. Thought I would mention it.

FAQS3675d ago

A: Oh man you're right: Parasite Eve! Thanks man, how could I Forget this one?

zone3676d ago

We all know the PSP has the potential to shine through the shadows it has lingered in. From the games I've played, two hold the most weight. They would be Crisis Core and GOW:Chains. Anyone who has played either of these knows exactly where the potential of this system exists. I'm not a graphics fanboy (or a fanboy of any system or game), heck, I love Echochrome, but cmon. GOW:Chains raised the bar higher than any other PSP title, including Crisis Core (as far as graphics). Any game that has decent gameplay and graphics comparable to (in quality, not material) GOW:Chains will be a system seller. The problem is that there are only a handful of games that meet these specs and therefore we're left with a system living up to 70% or so of it's capability.

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The story is too old to be commented.