Resident Evil 5 Leak - Info Overload

Gameplayer are reporting that an upcoming magazine feature from EGM has been leaked on the web and they have the details on all the cool information contained inside. At the end of the article though, they have some interesting things to say about their inside knowledge on whether the article is true or false.

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SlappingOysters3676d ago

Hey guys,

I have put the forum source in the altenate source thing, as I think the news is that gameplayer has actually confirmed the event took place that the article is based on

kittoo3676d ago

And gameplayer says- we can tell you now it won’t be.
Of course it wont be. That would be Killzone (or the next game from Insomniac).
But it looks good nonetheless.

thePatriot3676d ago

then thats your best looking game of 09

SlappingOysters3676d ago

infinity ward will be releasing CoD 6

and what about FFXIII

LinuxGuru3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Not much in the engine Infinity Ward uses can compare to something like Killzone 2.

There's not even any dynamic lighting / shadowing.

Also, the water in Infinity Ward's engine needs some serious work. I'm not talking about the water that flows down surfaces, I'm talking about the standing water puddles / ponds / what have you.

Those just plain suck. Games like Uncharted, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Resistance 2 are the graphical beasts that are to be beat in the future.

SlappingOysters3676d ago

I am pretty torn. No multiplayer online so maybe the PS3 is worth a shot on that one. Japanese console, japanese developer you know...

Freezingduck3675d ago

With a bonus: You won't burn your house down neither while shooting zombies

VMAN_013675d ago

That mirage feature would have been nice but you guys you know what would be even cooler if the game used the PS3 or 360 system clock much like MGS4 did with the PS2 so if you load the game up at say 7/pm real time then it would be night time in game and thus make it more intense and scary of course this feature could be turned on and off so people don't get frustrated that they alwyas have to play in the night.

IWentBrokeForGaming3675d ago

I think the graphics look pretty freaking great, I just wish the action factor was gone and the horror factor was brought up. You get so much ammo now that you can plow through so much without needing to run from it anymore... I miss the old school days. I personally liked the GC Remake the best out of the whole series, I even remember when GI had a issue that showed hand to hand combat with a screen of Jill round house kicking a Crimson Head... I was bummed that didn't make it to the game, none the less it's my fav.. I would pay more for next gen remakes then the new way the series has gone since 4. Regardless how the game played so amazing that is was praised. It's still not the same. I've gotta say also that the thing in the old school Resident Evils, Silent Hills, Fatal Frames, etc.. that made them scarry as hell was the controls. They were so clunky that it actually made the games for horrific to play cause your player didn't always respond to your exact motions, lol. At least thats what I think. Either way Im getting Resident Evil 5 for sure, just a shame the series is losing its original essence... nice to see Chris Redfield and Wesker back though, should be epic for fans none the less!

I have a 60 gig PS3 and have gone back to playing the Resident Evil series/Silent Hill series on it and that is where my next gen versions of both will be bought for as well! I like having the whole series on the series' main console! (apart of the GC releases)

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The story is too old to be commented.