Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft Duke it Out on Twitter

Both FF XIV and WoW Twitter admins try to "1up" each other in proving which is the definitive MMO.

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thekhurg2244d ago

Um, there is no competition in the MMO market when comparing to WoW. Sorry, but you lose unless your game's name is World of Warcraft.

Tsuru2244d ago

You must not be aware of how big Final Fantasy is then. 10 million subscribers world wide. They both are at the top for the MMO market.

thekhurg2244d ago

No. They have only announced their 5 million active user milestone - you've pulled 10 million right out of your ass. I don't have to be aware of anything Final Fantasy related when it comes to the MMO market. Blizzard is comfortably controlling that genre in terms of subscribed player base - all while being PC platform exclusive.

Tsuru2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

@thekhurg They had 5 million back in 2015.

datriax2244d ago

Good god. SquareEnix is pathetic, it's beyond the realm of comedic anymore. ARR is one gigantic, misleading, self felatiating, pile of marketing bulls**t.

"10 Million Players!"

Protip for all you people with s**t for brains. That statement does not mean 10 million concurrent subscribers, or anything even remotely near it. Given the population on the various servers, I'd be surprised if this pile of garbage even has 2 million concurrent subs.

Lastly, even if FF had these phantom numbers, comparing a game that was rebuilt 3 years ago, to a game that was successfully released and supported since 2004? Ya, hardly anything to brag about.

This is SE however. The company who's ego rivals only that of Hideo Kojima. I can't wait to see the inevitable day of their demise.