Why I Still Prefer PlayStation Over Xbox - From a Professional and Mature Point of View

GeekReply: Still in the middle of all that rubbish a video game company brought something new to the table, Xbox Scorpio. However, I still wasn’t sold personally and plan on staying with PlayStation exclusively. Queue the rabid and delirious gamers proclaiming I’m a Sony shill and that’s the only reason. Let me tell you guys and gals something. Gaming is amazing and one of the best art forms around. Regardless of where I took my gaming, it literally saved my life and made me the person I am today. (Bonus brownie points if you find an old article I wrote on the internet explaining why.) So if you got that kind of support and enjoyment from a Nintendo or an Xbox, that’s great! I won’t speak down to you because you prefer one system to another.

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Kribwalker2179d ago

"Honestly, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, and Forza 5 are the only notable Xbox One exclusives I can think of"
right there the writer has lost all credibility. How can you claim to be a gaming journalist, and thats what you claim.
No one is gonna give you crap for wanting to game on one console and not another, but if that's all you take out of another console don't call yourself a gaming journalist

GOODKylePS2179d ago

I think the point with that sentence rested on the word notable. Also based on the rest of the article, that's certainty not all he's taking out of it.

Kribwalker2179d ago

Sunset overdrive was notable. Forza horizon 3 is the highest rated racing game this gen, titanfall was notable, quantum break was also notable

GOODKylePS2179d ago

I agree a case could be made for Sunset Overdrive, but I don't believe what the titles' names were mattered. The point I read was that there are not enough of them these past 4 years. Compared to the competition.

2179d ago
darthv722178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Hell... we all can have a preference. Im still partial to sega systems more than any other. Even after all these years.

Im excited for scorpio just as i am for an eventual ps5 but i enjoy gaming to much to limit my playing field. Its why i support all platforms.

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yarbie10002179d ago

When someone spends so much time telling you why they aren't a shill.....they're usually a shill

christocolus2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Lmao XD... These past few days have been hilarious. So many opinion pieces from no-name websites..some trying to downplay Scorpio anyway possible, others trying to force their biased opinions on those hyped for the console and then we got so many people trying to convince themselves why they don't need Scorpio.Lol. If you really don't need the console then why write an article about it? Do you need to be convinced or are you trying to convince others? Imo This just proves MS definitely made the right decisions with Scorpio. Once there is a proper unveiling and price announcement. .I'm preordering it day one.

Also whats up with this "From a Professional and Mature Point of View"

Dark_Knightmare22179d ago

Not really he just knew people like you would descend upon the comment boards without reading the article to just say he's a fanboy. It would have been the same if the roles were reserved and he was talking about Xbox being his favorite except you would be saying that's his choice and he explained it well

OB1Biker2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Maybe one of the rare time I agree with you.
You don't need justify not getting a Scorpio and neither do you for not getting a Pro. OG PS4 for me is more than enough

UCForce2179d ago

As you are. Don't lie to me, you just pretending that you are not shill, but you are.

InTheZoneAC2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Actually what's sad is trolls like you that disregard facts and any form of criticism because you don't want to believe you actually wasted your money on an inferior product.

You, my friend, are the definition of "impulse buyer"

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2178d ago

I don't think this article is downplaying Scorpio, it's expressing an opinion about Microsoft's current strategy. That strategy seems to be focused on power and multiplatform games and the article simply points out that this might not be a smart thing to do, especially when competing with a console that has dozens of exclusives in the development pipeline.

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Artemidorus2179d ago

He has a point, it's what they keep repeating all the time.

Godmars2902179d ago

By notable think they mean sustainable. Has the potential to be a franchise. And while Overdrive and Quantum were notable when they came out, they've yet to be proven sustainable. QB by all counts failed, were SO, not a MS owned IP, may go multi if it gets a sequel just like Titianfall did. That it seems common that 3rd party IPs don't stay exclusive to Xbox, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, should itself be a notable thing.

Kribwalker2178d ago

Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PlayStation Home, Puppeteer, are all games that were listed as notable PS3 many are notable franchise games?

Goldby2178d ago


Just bcause a game is notable doesn't mean it has to have a franchise attached to it.

Journey is one of the most notable games in my book, an not only does it not have a franchise, its also a small 2 hour game

Kribwalker2178d ago


"By notable think they mean sustainable. Has the potential to be a franchise."

Which is what my response was regarding. These were all games the author found notable on the PS3 that weren't a franchise like godmars was suggesting the author meant

yeahright22178d ago

Sorry but minor correction, MS doesn't own the sunset overdrive IP. in fact that's the reason why it's an MS exclusive. they wanted to own their new IPs after what happened with Spyro. Sony wanted to own SO and Xbox said they were fine without owning it as long as it stayed exclusive to Xbox.
Apart from that, most shocking on that list you have is mass effect. Didn't think the first one would ever be seen on anything other than an MS platform.

Godmars2902178d ago

There isn't a Ni No Kuni 2 coming? Home wasn't an online social platform with many games to offer which lasted at least till the PS4 came around?

I'll grant you, neither Home nor the game on it were anything notable - unless you visited the Japan server for the freakin Min May concert that featured Macross in the background - not to scale - but even as mediocre - with moments - it was it still saw more life than Fable Legends.

(*Sigh* I miss my space-station apartment. And my Yacht. And my TARDIS. I had a freakin TARDIS...)

Goldby2178d ago


oh ok, i misread the tone in your comment, read it like it was only franchised games that can be notable, my bad.

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ShadowKnight2178d ago

You said Quantum Break was notable??

guyman2178d ago

Yea, that made me laugh, considering that it was a failure of a game from expectations people had

yeahright22178d ago

it was for what it tried to be, not so much for what it ended up being. Gotta admit, that one could have been something special.

Godmars2902178d ago

Notably bad or/and underwhelming.

2178d ago
bluefox7552178d ago

It's an opinion piece...
You're not very bright, are you?

SurgicalMenace2178d ago

What he is speaking on is the fact that Xbox only relies on a few games to carry their console. There is some value in stating, that when gamers jump online to defend their choice instead of seeing the value in a view outside of their own, it cripples the industry. If you want more from your console, perhaps you need to share in the outcry for new and innovative experiences. This gentleman dosent lose any creditibility for stating his opinion, as he is not communicating it as fact. Your opinion is not the only one of value. Hell, instead of showing discontent in the comment section, why not brave to venture into writing your own piece to see what happens then?

corroios2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Lost? Every single exclusive floped hard on the market, besides Halo, Gears and Forza and even those are selling much less then last gen.

Sunset overdrive was the best new ip that Microsoft got and insomniac must be dyng to put it on the Sony machines, because it flop two.

after 4 years they were enabled to create a new IP that Microsoft gamers want and buy millions copies.

Well except TitanFall, but they werent able to keep the exclusive deal. The same happend with Tomb Raider.

Just tell me wich game this year will sell millions on launch made by Microsoft? Sea of thieves? Crackdown? State of decay?

Do some gamers really believe that being 4k will gonna make gamers buy more of the same?

Kribwalker2178d ago

There's only one game made by Sony since uncharted 4 that has sold millions of copies at launch which was horizon zero dawn. The rest of the games that have sold 1 million have been 3rd party exclusives.

yeahright22178d ago

@krib respectfully, I think you might actually be hurting your case for xbox in the long run. saying that exclusives have to sell millions like halo and gears... Think about it, If you're on playstation, you have a multitude of options, some will sell, some won't. I doubt they expected games like puppeteer and the last guardian to pull in uncharted numbers, but they did it anyway, just need to keep sales projections and budgets in check. Sometimes like last guardian, they knowingly take a loss as a love note to fans. I would like to see fans of xbox demand similar treatment from Spencer and co.
It seems that they got burned a couple times with games like quantum break and recore and throw in the towel way too early. And unfortunately, I think their most vocal fanboys enable them so much that they tout halo/forza/gears to the point of MS saying those games will never get stale. But admittedly, some of it is culture. a lot of those Playstation games just plain wouldn't sell on Xbox. We've seen it with games like FF15. But still, I'd prefer if they took off just one halo game and have 343 come up with a true competitor to uncharted rather than go for tomb raider exclusivity.

trooper_2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

You didn't read the article properly, did you?

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PhoenixUp2179d ago

My favorite aspect of PlayStation consoles compared to Xbox and Nintendo consoles is the longevity of support they receive long into their respective golden years

Krysis2179d ago

PlayStation definitely supports their hardware for years, even into a new gen. They don't make you feel like you have to rush out day 1 to buy a new console.

septemberindecember2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I wouldn't attribute that support to Playstation (by that I think you mean Sony). Sony doesn't really support the console for a lengthy period of time after their new console launches, but their third party connections definitely do. Games were still being made for the PS2 up until 2011 I think.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The Last of Us (Sony owned studio) was released in summer 2013, a few months before the PS4 was released and MLB The Show (Sony owned studio) stopped supporting PS3 this year. Your post is ridiculous.

2178d ago
Xb1ps42178d ago

And go

Shame about the vita... could have been an amazing thing 😞

SurgicalMenace2178d ago

The Vita does say hello, as it carries some very unique experiences, so much so, that devs want a new system. America is the only place it struggles, because a good majority of us can't play anything without a gun or violence in it. We've forgotten that gaming is a culture greatly stimulated by Japan, so it is them that they cater to first. COD, Overwatch, ect. does little to evolve the culture, so they focus on their own and support their own. Sony stopped supporting Americans, because we don't want anything new, just the same sequels over and over.

Fist4achin2178d ago

Still rocking my Vita. I get giddy everytime a title is announced for it. So many good games on it that have been unnoticed.

meka26112178d ago

And other consoles do the same thing, I don't see your point.

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BlakHavoc2179d ago

I'm not loyal to any brand, if MS does enough to entice me with Scorpio then I'll be on board day one.

Utalkin2me2179d ago

So if i sold you crap, you would totally be ok as long as i enticed you?

Condemnedman2179d ago

he said he has no loyalty to either. are saying the Scorpio is crap because you are implying that

2178d ago
DarkBlaze252178d ago

Why come at the guy for stating his view? And the amount of disagrees that statement got vs all the agrees you have shows the sorry state of gamers today. Just game on your platform of choice without condemning someone for a difference of opinion. Non of these companies in my eyes are crap. And they all bring good things to the table to generate healthy competition. We win in the in so wtf is with the hate... OT: Nothing wrong with that since once again that's his opinion. It ain't the end all be all but it is his and he's entitled to it. Playstation is a great place to play and he's content. Scorpio isn't gonna be ment for people like him and that's perfectly fine. As for anyone else who is(myself included) it'll be ment for us.
Stay gaming folks!

BlakHavoc2178d ago

What are u talking about? If the product looks good to me and they sell me on it, then I'd buy it. That means in my eyes it wouldn't be crap...

Scatpants2178d ago

What are you going to do to make crap enticing enough to buy? Part of the enticement for him I would assume is if the console turns out to not be crap.

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SurgicalMenace2178d ago

It is all about the games, but with their showing after the original Xbox, I find ithat very hard to support Xbox outside of buying their console just in case they get something. I haven't played my Xbox One much since it's launch. That can change if they bring some games. Xbox will be the new Dreamcast in this current climate.

CocoaBrother2179d ago

You do you; I'm going to continuing playing each console and enjoying what they have to offer.

Condemnedman2179d ago

spoken like a true professional 👍

BlakHavoc2178d ago

Exactly. I understand not everyone can afford multiple consoles but if u can, I recommend investing. It'll instantly rid you of that fanboy lurking inside you...

CocoaBrother2178d ago

I just like playing video games in general. Each system has something different to offer and I can appreciate each. The only system I haven't really touched in awhile is PC cause I stopped playing WoW; other than that, I play all the other consoles and handhelds

nbalive892178d ago

I think the only people that can't afford multiple consoles are kids

yeahright22178d ago

Not always. I've seen some use that as a shield. IE they'll say fanboy nonsense then when they get called out on it. "I'm not a fanboy! I own all consoles, so I can't be."

But yeah, it would drastically limit the amount of fanboys and get them to be fans.

DaDrunkenJester2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )


Edited... I can't freaking read properly hahaha

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trooper_2178d ago

I don't hate Microsoft or Nintendo. I would like for them to succeed because competition is good but with the way Sony's going, both companies need to step it up.

--bienio--2179d ago

Hahhaa 👍🏻 "professional "