IGN AU: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Weirdly, despite the fact that the game is either broken or unpolished in a variety of areas, IGN sort of enjoyed Gears of WWII. It doesn't do what it says on the tin, doesn't break any barriers and is mildly dull as often as interesting but when you're in the middle of crossfires, your squads do what they're told and you know that you're about to blow up a whole mess of Nazis, it's pretty good. But never great.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 6.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall -

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PS360PCROCKS3702d ago

after what 3 something years it still only gets a 7 and lacks features like co-op and has some lame missions and graphics. wtf ubisoft?