The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild Sells an Estimated 1.49M Units First Week at Retail

The open world action adventure game from Nintendo - The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild - sold 1,489,475 units first week at retail, according to estimates.

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septemberindecember1658d ago

"For the week ending March 4."

Didn't the game come out March 3rd?
So, it sold 1.49m units in a day. Those are some pretty great numbers.

mcstorm1658d ago

I was thinking that but then again I expected 3 quarters of the 2 million switch buyers to pickup this game. For me its the game of they year and will take a lot to beat.

Perjoss1658d ago

Same here, there have been some truly amazing games already this year but Zelda has been the most memorable experience by far. I think Nioh is close 2nd for me. Also can't wait for RDR2, hopefully it doesn't slip to 2018.

mcstorm1658d ago

Yeah for me ive never enjoyed a Zelda game so much and I have yet to follow the story so to speak as well. I am not a fan of RDR or any of the games like that GTA ect but I do think they will be great games just not my type of game. Tried RDR but could not get into it.

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deafdani1658d ago

Well deserved, this game is fantastic.

rataranian1658d ago

And be another 10 years before the next one comes out for their next gen system if they somehow are still around. Until then enjoy the old games that they keep releasing over and over again for the same amount of money.