Banjo Kazooie XBLA Leaked 10 min Video!

Someone on Youtube has put up a video of what seems to be legit footage of Banjo Kazooie XBLA running on the 360, graphical enhancements are noticeable from the small video, such as sharper text, textures, frame rate, and thankfully it has widescreen support!

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YoshiMeetsU5246d ago

Where is Professional Troll at? Now this is how you troll! Learn from the troll master Blademask PT, learn from him.

ape0075246d ago

oh the memories

those were the days I wish I can see something like that today

level design and gameplay are so amazing,better than 90% of crappy games released today

XboxOZ3605246d ago

Ahh, the wonders of the internet, "leaked videos" . .one wonders if they are really "leaked" or let out on purpose to attract attention . .?

Godem5246d ago

hahah , i cant wait for this, even though i played through it on the N64 im still excited!

I dont think Banjo Nuts and Bolts will surpass the quality of the first 2.

Silogon5246d ago

There is an emulator that runs this game at 3 times the resolution and texture quality. Once again, XBL fails to deliever what others can get for free.

PS3Freak5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

you fail at delivering a decent comment.

5246d ago
Montrealien5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

Are you suggesting (pirated) roms played on emulators illegally silligon? oh dear! Your mommy know about that foul mouth of yours?

on topic: The game is looking sweet, and seems to be fully scaled for HD and 16:9. Will be getting this for sure.

Godem5246d ago

emulators can be complex, and are illegal, this way all we have to do is chill on the couch, on our Big TV's and play it, no hassle, no settings just simplicity and no worries that it wont work.

I like the sound of that better... besides people who pre order Nuts and Bolts get it free.

PirateThom5246d ago

Emulators aren't illegal, just as torrent programs aren't illegal.

It's roms that are illegal.

Montrealien5246d ago

nothing better then a romless emulator.

I actually got about 1.5 tera of roms, everything from colecovision, to 3D0 images. Still getting this arcade title for the easy of sitting on my couch in my living room playing it on my HDTV Set.

g3nkie5246d ago

Actually the rom isn't even illegal if you own an original copy of the game, that is.....

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The story is too old to be commented.