Upcoming Games List: October 2008

"Before we start the list I would just like to mention that this is the first month in what we would call the "Pocket Burning Months". We call it this because in the following months you will start to feel a little hole in your pocket start to burn and by the end of this year you are going to need a tailor for your pants, but in an anti-homo way. I would also just like to mention that all the games releasing this months are mostly five star and four star games for all systems."

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STFUAJPG3679d ago

Many great games being released this October. I am gonna have to start working to buy all of them.

Silogon3679d ago

I'm just not that excited for this holiday season.

I still haven't beat Oblivion, let alone want to jump into Fall out rightnow.

Motorstorm 2 isn't my cup of tea. I don't even like Motorstorm 1.

Rockbland and Guitar hero; no thanks. I'll play real instruments and progress my trade and talent further.

Little big planet, to me, seems like it can get really redundant.

I'm just not feeling this generation in gaming. I'm just not.

Blademask3679d ago

Yet you are on this website 24/7. If you don't like the games.. what exactly does that make you?

It probably explains your 2 bubbles. :)

The gaming GOD3679d ago

Not to be rude or anything like that to you Silogon. But you do sorta complain the same "discontent" for gaming this generation quite often.

Why o why3679d ago

your growning too old for gaming. You've lost the passion. It happens. You need some gaming viagra man

Freezingduck3679d ago

He's an old fart (period)

BkaY3679d ago

who pissed in your beer mate......

dogseye_deadhorse3679d ago

You must be an emo hey.

every post is negative. i hope thats only you on the computer and not in real life.

okcomputer3679d ago

I really don't get this kid. He's obviously a gamer since he posts here all the time, yet he never has anything good to say about any game, console or franchise. Just endless whining and complaining.

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GCO Gamer3679d ago

I'm just happy that i pre-order some of the games I'm going to get and paid them off.

Raoh3679d ago

thank god for gamefly.

buying socom, littlebigplanet, motorstorm and singstar 2.

everything else is getting rented from gamefly.. if its good i'll buy it from them used..

too many games...

and really, who's the genius that plans a release on the same day as the highly anticipated and marketed littlebigplanet? thats like saying, "yeah, we really dont want ps3 owners money"

WildArmed3679d ago

SOCOM and LBP.. rest will have to wait till Christmas =(
(Next month its R2 time baby! So i wont need another game.. will be 2 busy w/ the three "C"s of R2!)
Im really looking forward to the end of this college semester

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The story is too old to be commented.