IGN: Game Scoop News Break: Banjo + Halo News

Every day, a golden box full gaming news is delivered to the IGN offices and the Game Scoop! crew rifles through it absently.

Then they usually ignore it and watch horse racing on TV instead. But today the IGN video team cornered them with cameras and fancy graphics, forcing them to work for their bloated paychecks.

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Flops ''R'' Us3701d ago


power of Green 3701d ago

This POS has to troll all 360 threads. Are you fucin retarded bro?

( Are you an 11 year old kid?)

-Poor Xbot-3701d ago

Why do we have to be stuck with crappy banjo? Why can't we have Ratchet & Clank or LittleBigPlanet? :(

At least we have halo......

DARKTRINITYxxx3701d ago

Wow MS are really spoiling you with banjo-kazooie. LOL have fun ill be playing LBP .Sony really does know how to spoil us.