Blu-ray cracked too?

It's still early on to tell whether this is actually true, but HD DVD cracker muslix64 is back, and with the help of another anti-DRM cracker, Janvitos, claims to have also broken the Blu-ray's implementation of AACS. Although their protection does not yet account for BD+ copy-protection, they claim to have been able to implement the same key-grabbing known-plaintext attack as muslix64 used to crack HD DVD in order to successfully to crack Blu-ray without even using a disc or drive (apparently they just used a raw encrypted data file and nothing more). Unfortunately they haven't yet posted code for us to test this out, so we'll have to take their word for it for the time being.

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DJ5231d ago

But still can't copy it. Huhm.

Not like it matters since it would just as much money to pirate a Blu-ray movie as it would to just buy it legit. Maybe even more if you buy Hard Drives to store the damn things.

BIadestarX5230d ago

It's sad that to some earning the things they own it's not important. At least with every iteration of consoles it's getting harder to burn games.

bung tickler5230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

i still think its good that this protection crap gets cracked for those of us that buy these things and then cant use them fully because of overly restrictive protection measures. like what happens for people like me that if in a few year studios decide to downscale all non digital video streams from hd-dvd/blu-ray discs? those of us that DO NOT have HDMI on our HDTV's are a$$fvcked unless some smart people figure ways around it. these protections are pointless they dont stop piraters they only slow them down and they harm the people that acctually buy the damn things.

jackie chann5229d ago

hackers are always 2 steps ahead of companies