New Gameplay Shows Why Hellblade Isn't What You Think

Game Informer: "Watch our interview to learn about the puzzles in Ninja's Theory's new game and why it isn't really a stylish-action game like DmC."

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Razzer560d ago

Looking forward to this!

mikeslemonade560d ago

Gameplay doesn't look very good. Calling a high 70s meta score.

AdonisIsBeast560d ago

Go on OpenCritic's website and place your guess then

KwietStorm560d ago

Is that where we're at now? Calling metacritic scores for games before they release?

S2Killinit560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Looking forward to this. Its looking amazing.

It was good enough to bring you here in a hurry to talk it down.

Seraphim560d ago

How did Heavenly Sword fair? I'd imagine it'll be on par with that +/-1. End of the day though Hellblade is likely to be a solid experience worthy of more appreciation than it's given. Ninja Theory is a very capable studio so it's likely this game will be solid, appreciated, underappreciated, loved and shat on. Only time will tell just how good it truly is.

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corroios560d ago

In others words i dont have a ps4 to play this game.

Goldby560d ago


it will be available on PC as well.

ZombieGamerMan560d ago

mikeslemonade WRONG!!!! It will get high 9's because of female protagonist

donthate560d ago

This looks like another mediocre game from Ninja Theory again to me too

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InKnight7s560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

DmC is classic for now Nier outdone it in everyway.

DedicatedDark560d ago

DmC was pretty terrible. Don't put it anywhere near the lvl of Nier, there is much care put into Nier.

TC731560d ago

DmC's combat was the best of any Devil May Cry game. Shoulder buttons controlling the weapons, etc. Sorry Dante wasn't a weaboo's wet dream in that game.

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WeAreLegion560d ago

The combat was nowhere near as good as DMC3 or 4, dude. It was still a fun game though. But be realistic.

darren_poolies560d ago

DmC is not even close to being "terrible", in fact it was actually pretty great. But most people don't know that because they refused to play it because they were too busy crying about Dante.

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StifflerK560d ago

I liked DmC a lot. It's my second fav DMC game behind DMC3.
I've picked up Nier but haven't started it yet - looking forward to it though.

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bluefox755560d ago

Wow, this is a beautiful looking game, I didn't really know anything about this game, but after this video my interest went up for sure.

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3-4-5560d ago

* Not really my type of game and doesn't completely appeal to me, but at the same time it does look really good and kind of fun, so it would be a game I'd probably take a chance on during a price drop.

For some people I'm assuming this game looking amazing and you can't wait to play it day 1.

CrimsonPheonix560d ago

The graphics look nice but gameplay wise from those few glimpses it looks like a last gen tomb raider knock off.
I hope i'm wrong but the way the guy was talking as though the game was full of new experiences didn't didn't match up with what I was seeing.

1nsomniac560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Been waiting for this game for so long. A little worried about their comments on game length & price. Hope they haven't decided enough is enough & cut it short. Sounds like they've been making some serious game changing decisions. I'm glad they've stuck with & focusing on the mental illness theme though.

Hope they do it justice so to speak.

Sunny_D560d ago

Yeah, they want to make their game be something that's between an indie title and a triple a title. Maybe it will be $40?

S2Killinit560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

"Indie" means independent, a game can be indie AND a "AAA", full priced game. As this looks to be.

Goldby560d ago


At the end of the day though, this is a big step for Indie games, as its looking like a full AAA release but without the political BS thats associated with publishers

Bolts560d ago

Their hype and refusal to describe the gameplay loop told me all I need to know. It's going to be another No Man Sky type game that is focused on the "experience" instead of real gameplay. Heavenly Sword 2 is the game they need to make. Instead we're getting Firewatch with swords.


Darkwatchman560d ago

Firewatch was good, though. Oh wait, I forgot that real gamers have very rigid tastes and don't like "walking simulators". Only filthy casuals like all genres :(

_-EDMIX-_560d ago



Maybe you should watch the numerous numerous videos on the actual games development they're actually pretty extremely transparent.

Maxor560d ago

"Firewatch with swords" LMAO. Sadly that is exactly what this game is. Rumors are that the "action" in this game are so basic that the combat won't even feature combos.

People who are expecting this to be an action game are in for a huge disappointment. This is a Tell Tale game with AAA engine graphics.

Goldby560d ago

did you even watch the video, there is a moment when Senua is fighting and guess what she does, a combo with her sword.

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