Splatoon 2 and The Importance of Staying Fresh

Recently, Splatoon 2 held the Global Testfire, essentially its beta. What must the game do to differentiate itself from the original?

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FallenAngel19842634d ago

Staying fresh? When Spla2oon was first shown off most people thought it was a port of the first game 🤣

Skaymore2634d ago

Exactly, that's the point of this article

_-EDMIX-_2633d ago

I agree but at the same time I actually believe maybe that is a good thing

For a long time people have been championing Nintendo for not milking some of their franchises in terms of always trying to change them with each iteration and I actually believe this is hurt this company more than it's actually helped it.

I'm not asking for Starfox to be out of his ship with a whole bunch of stupid robot crap going on, not asking for stupid motion controls, simply wanted to Star Fox where I flight straight, shot crap and had the occasional all range mode

I'm not asking for Luigi's Mansion to have all these different stupid levels I simply want one Mansion like in the first game.

I'm not asking for Paper Mario to turn into some stupid platformer I'm simply asking for it to have the same turn Place mechanics as Thousand Year Door in just add up on that concept.

I'm not asking for Metroid Prime to be some casual multiplayer game for god sakes just give me a damn first person shooter were Samus is on a planet in must get her Parts back and call of the day.

I swear to you right now no one's asking for this stupid crap that this company has been doing with their games and it's probably why they continue to lose market share , the people that once like those franchises have no reason to return because they're not even getting the same experience. I'm sorry but if you like Metroid Prime you have no purpose for caring about the Other M , they're not the same game

if you like Star Fox 64 what purpose would you have playing Dinosaur Planet?

If you like Thousand Year Door you telling me it makes sense to start playing a complete garbage platformer?

I'm not saying the games mentioned are bad I'm simply saying they're too far different from the original Concepts that it begs the question why somebody would like the original would care about this different game when it's so different it questions why it's even bearing the same name in the first place?

I've found that Nintendo seems to jack up more of their franchises by trying to reinvent an add Concepts that nobody ever asked for in the first place.

Consider all Capcom treated Megaman sure they released a crap ton of sequels that were all following the same concept but at least they're core fanbase got to get multiple sequels of something that they loved.

We got Star Fox 64 and then we proceeded to spend 20 years getting games that we're just completely irrelevant to what was originally like about Star Fox 64 to the point where the last game sold poorly it was so clear that the majority of people who wants like Starfox have moved on they essentially missed an opportunity to make money off of that concept and when you think about it was it really worth the twenty years releasing all those stupid titles? I would have rather they released the same exact looking game with the same concept with just different levels then what they actually really did.

So some of you younger gamers are asking for some of these games to just be vastly different but is that really what you seriously want?

So I'm all for them making Splatoon 2 almost exactly like Splatoon 1 because they need to have some sort of solidarity they need to have some sort of consistency and they need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel because no one's seriously asking them to keep trying to radically change these games

Trust me I'm pretty positive the majority of Star Fox fans wished the last Star Fox games mirrored exactly like Star Fox 64 there's no complaint over here on that regard not even slightly.

captainexplosion2633d ago

This is shaping up to be one disappointing sequel. Which is shocking, because the original really could have been a masterpiece without the odd Nintendo restrictions. They need to add a horde mode, TDM, a longer/deeper campaign, & allow people to switch load outs in the lobby & obviously allow people to play any mode at any time.


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