Shannon Woodward (Westworld) is playing a character in The Last of Us Part II

Looks like Westworld actress Shannon Woodward has a role in TLOU part II.

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Nyxus559d ago

Nice! I wonder if her character will appear in the E3 2017 trailer, since they're revealing this now.

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crazychris4124559d ago

Doesn't look like anything to me

-Foxtrot559d ago

Well the new co-writer is someone who wrote on Westworld so having a Westworld star makes sense

Really wish they would get Jimmi Simpson as a villain though. He'd make a great one after how creepy David was in the first game.

Lynx0207558d ago

No, not Simpson, please. I can't stand looking at his face, sry. Westworld was amazing show, House of cards was ok, but every scene with this guy was almost painful to watch.

rainslacker558d ago

Would be funny if they had Nolan North do another villian. I mean, how many people actually knew it was him until they either completed the game or the article came out about it.

BlakHavoc559d ago

What do u mean? She said on twitter that she's acting in the game.

crazychris4124558d ago

It's a quote from the show and is pretty much a meme now

BlakHavoc558d ago


Sorry dude lol

faysal558d ago

lool I don't think many people will understand your reference. Doesn't look like anything to them....

feraldrgn558d ago

I'm surprised 3 people (at this moment) didn't get the joke. :(

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bluefox755558d ago

Oh, she's the nerd chick that *spoilers* died.

bluefox755558d ago

Yeah, I think anyway. With Westworld though, things aren't always as they appear.

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