21 Things Gamers Miss About Old Computers

From cassette tapes to blocky graphics, modern computing has taken away some things gamers really rather miss.

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uth111417d ago

Does anybody REALLY miss games on cassettes? 15 minutes to load a game only to have it error out at the 12 minute mark?

il-JumperMT1417d ago

Haha i still remember. I wonder if any of the casettes I have actually load now, if my commodre64 still works

Tapani1417d ago

Yeah! I used to be very productive during loading times. One could listen music, study, work, go to toilet, cook something, take a shower etc. Ooh it was great! And you were never sure if the game will work even after that, so you could have even more time for your normal life!

Those were the days. (in my case, early, mid and late 80s)

Derceto1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

7, 9, 13, 16, 17, and 21, sure. The rest? I don't think so. Buying the wrong computer? Really?

"However, it could be catch-22 with a new machine as it typically wouldn’t have much software when first released and it was unlikely that publishers would be interested in developing for a new computer with practically no owners."

People still face this today. It's called "anything by Nintendo".

Also, you left out the incredibly important 22. Complete games. I'm sure many of us miss those, more than anything.

1417d ago
nugnugs1417d ago

Dizzy. I miss the Dizzy games on ZX Spectrum. Don't make new ones though! leave them be.