Xbox Scorpio: All The Power But None Of The Exclusives To Sell It

Microsoft's revealed it's Xbox Scorpio hardware - but ScreenCritics Shaun remains unconvinced by the company's failure to address other issues.

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Neonridr2601d ago

This reveal was never about games. It was about the hardware. Let's at least wait until what we see at E3 before we label anything prematurely.

skydragoonityx2601d ago

You can defend it all you want, but the scorpio has no exclusives and that is a stonecold fact. All that power will be spent staring at the dashboard sadly

green2601d ago

You have never seen the console, the console has not been released, no announcement has been made about its future lineup apart from what we know that Sea of Thieves and Crackdown are coming.

"stonecold fact"..more like alternative facts to me.

freshslicepizza2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

"All that power will be spent staring at the dashboard sadly"

really? so when you play gran turismo sport on your ps4 pro not in true 4k and with no dynamic weather what are you goint to be saying to scorpio owners who are playing forza in 4k, 16x af, perfect 60fps, dynamic weather and at least 16 cars onscreen? you going to come back with a witty remark you have some uber windows 10 pc now? great, now your ps4 is only being used for exclusives, lets see how long sony survives while everyone transforms into pc gamers. and that gran turismo sport isn't going to be getting an upgrade on the pc either. so you can thank microsoft for giving you choices, a low level console, a high end console, or the pc.

you wont be laughing when all you 7.5 million ps4 owners who bought fallout 4 wake up and realize that vr wont be playable on your ps4 or ps4 pro thanks to sony and their commitment no ps4 pro can have any exclusive content because we all know the regular ps4 will struggle getting that to run in vr mode.

there is also over 1,100 xbox one games getting scorpio support along with over 350 xbox 360 games (scorpio will get the same games the xbox one gets). but go ahead and think ps4 owners only play exclusives.

Deep-throat2601d ago


Dude MS and thirdparty devs will use its POWAH without hesitation. Xbox and PC fans are winning, since we both will enjoy the newest techs.

Ashlen2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


Well... to be fair all the highest rated games this year have been PS4 exclusives. And many of which has gone on to sell very well (millions). And global software sales this year so far have been extremely in favor of PS4 with three times as many sales. It's not simply about how much one game sells there is a larger picture.

As for the VR thing... There is no reason they couldn't have programmed PSVR for FO4, they chose not too.
I mean I wouldn't rule out the typical Bethesda not wanting to work with Sony/throwing them under the bus that they have been notorious for since way back to PS3. They never code properly for PlayStation products and they never give PlayStation products proper updates ect.

Insert witty remark: Yes My PS4 is only for exclusives. I have literally every multiplat on Steam since the start of the gen. The only two games I have on PS4 that were also on PC are Assassins Creed Black Flag which I only got because when PS4 launched they had a buy 2 get 1 free deal and Nier Automata, and that one is complex, I got 20% off from BB gamers club on PS4 and I didn't want to buy the Denuvo version that Steam was selling.


If you have a 4k PC why would you buy a Scorpio?

Artemidorus2601d ago

Work for Microsoft with that statement?

Otherwise you don't know anything.

XStation4pio_Pro2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

you just don't know that. nobody does except ms. nobody knows what scorpio is going to launch with. Nobody even knows the price or what it looks like. 2016 is not a wrapper for the perpetuity of the xbox brand in terms of exclusives. licensing deals, purchases of IP, r and d etc are all fluid states. MS isn't stupid. They know they need exclusives, but at the end of the day, exclusives are the minority of anyones game library AND of the entirety of available games to purchase. third party support is also critical for success (just look at the wii u debacle) and MS has plenty of third party support.

Even without as many exclusives as Sony, Scorpio will still run multiplatform games better. It will be the definitive console version for the majority of games released beyond exclusives - of which i have a strong feeling MS is going to announce stuff that people don't even know is coming. even if the games aren't patched for scorpio they will still run better because all of the power is there to use, which is different than the ps4 pro. They wouldn't build so much hyper around a new console launch just to play forza 6 at a higher rez.

Do you honestly think that if someone had the opportunity to play red dead redemption 2 at 1800p/30 HDR or at 2160p/60 HDR with more visual upgrades nobody would take that opportunity?? anyone that bought a ps4 pro would apparently in theory, cuz they did the same thing over 1080p. I am one of them. Anyone who made the argument that ps4 ran multiplatform games better than xbox should care because their primary arguments were performance/resolution... remember resolution-gate? . . I will definitely be buying Scorpio.

LexHazard792601d ago

Defend it I will...
Bunch of self entitled righteous gamers...
I mean how much were they suppose to show in a 15 min. Spec analysis?

Not to mention they said no game announcements. E3 Xbox has more time to showcase games when they show us the actual console..

I just find it funny that the xbox hateful bunch with no intentions of getting a Scorpio because they can play Xbox games on PC are up arms cause no games were shown. Smh...

The 10th Rider2601d ago


"Well... to be fair all the highest rated games this year have been PS4 exclusives."

Incorrect. Breath of the Wild is the highest rated game of the gen and it's not a PS4 game.

zb1ftw7772601d ago

The Xbox One has a tremendous library.

Most of them aren't exclusives. Just like the PS4 and PS4PRO.

Speaking of which, how many exclusives does the ps4pro have? Zero?

"Stonecold" facts are fun ;) xx

GrubsterBeater2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


He's talking about multiple exclusives, and Breath of the Wild is one multiplat, you ignoramus. Zelda always gets the highest scores possible regardless of any issues it has. It is an amazing game, but still. By the way, I thought metacritic scores meant nothing to you guys?

XanderZane2601d ago

You're delusional. Phil already said there would be more XB1/Scorpio exclusives in the future. These are games that won't be on the PC. So please take you "stonecold fact" and shove it where the sun don't shine. There are still XB1 exclusives that exist like Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5, Crimson Dragon, D4, FM5 & 6, Powerstar Golf, Rare Replay, Halo MCC, etc.. More will be on the way.

Ashlen2601d ago


"I mean how much were they suppose to show in a 15 min. Spec analysis?"

They didn't have to show the games there. They could have been talking about games for months. Yes they may have more games to show at E3 other than the games they have already talked about, but I highly doubt they have anything that will be out this year other than what they have already talked about.

And it doesn't take away from the number of games that Sony has already release so far this year and the number of games we already know are in the works and are likely to release later this year. And given Sony's history it's EXTREMELY unlikely that they aren't going to show a whole slew of new games that will be coming out next year and beyond at E3.

Does Microsoft have games... yes. Do they have the number and variety of games that Sony has? Not even close.

johndoe112112601d ago

Moldy, the only way you'll be playing forza like that on the Scorpio is if they make it a Scorpio exclusive. If they do that then they will be crapping on the entire Xbox one user base. So either they dumb it down to make it compatible with the xbox one or they go all out and make it a Scorpio exclusive. Which one are you going to support moldy?

Goldby2601d ago


1) they havent had a forza game running on the scorpio at "60fps and 4k resolution. they tested the scorpio on an in engine build of the game. so we still don't know whether forza will be 4k perfect 60fps. it will most likely be that high, but there are no facts yet about an actual game being used on the scorpio yet.

All this talk about fallout VR yet you always fail to mention the VR for gran turismo sport. selective memory or just bias?

2) theere isn't over 1100 xbox games, the MS site itself has less than 1000, so where are you getting that information?

christocolus2601d ago


Lmao. Back to "xbox got no gamezzz" XD. I will be buying project Scorpio and I'm sure many others will. Xbox fans have been playing games on the console since 2013 and all the talk of no gamez is something you guys have made up in your heads. There are exclusive Xbox games coming out later this year, they may not interest you and your kind but it doesn't change the fact that there are games coming to the system. Keep fighting the good fight though. Lol

The 10th Rider2601d ago


Lol, you guys are so salty. I was merely pointing out that the statement that *all* highest rated exclusive games this year are PS4 games is factually incorrect. That's indisputable.

I said nothing about metacritic not mattering to me.

Also, did you call Breath of the Wild a multiplatform game because it's also on Wii U? If that's the case then Persona 5 and Neir aren't exclusives either.

morganfell2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )


Exactly. No generation is or has ever been about power. Look at the Pro in February the month prior to Horizon's launch. This should be a lesson to everyone raving about Scorpio: https://www.amazon.com/gp/b...

Exclusives to a console line matter and to a particular console matter.

PC gamers haven't even begun to rip into Scorpio for making certain claims. There are already rumblings at reddit and that will soon happen. Scorpio will have a few months of good sales but the novelty wears off without absolute exclusives and I mean to that unit only. The console will be at least $499 and that will halt a lot of purchasers right there. MS fell for the power feint instead of investing in games and studiosand it will cost them dearly.

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Rude-ro2601d ago

It's a mid gen iteration... ie there is a console that has been ot for 3+ years and is suppose to live along side it and people still say wait till e3? For what?
Are all you saying that Microsoft was so incompetent with their own hardware that they could not make games?
So are they not coming to the Xbox one?
Are we waiting for 3rd party titles to be announced as exclusives while we get yet another forza and halo?
30 + years in the business and fans STILL have to say "wait till..."

Neonridr2601d ago

I am merely referring to those who were expecting some sort of games announcement. That was never the point to this reveal. Sure MS still has a big hill to climb to win back gamers since they need to show that they have more than a couple of good games that they can develop.

But starting off with a very powerful machine that will let devs do a lot more than what they can do now is a step in the right direction at least.

2601d ago
Rude-ro2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

"why would you want MS to emulate/copy Sony"
Because they are in the gaming business?
If they are not emulating, then they monopolizing. Pure and simple.
Now, let's say they are just making a gaming console and no longer make games. They do not monopolize third party games or exclusive content and do not rub in numbers like last gen or "where to play the best version", but just providing hardware... than great.

But Microsoft is literally built upon marketing. It is the core of their founder... it is millions upon millions of dollars of invented research and development. That is their core of who they are.

People(gamers), need to have faith that Microsoft is bringing something to the gaming world rather than a machine that attracts third party developers in order to hurt their competitors.
Competition is good, if it is two or more companies providing products that they made to cater to what is they are involved in...
Not to try to lock down what many other companies have helped build.

djplonker2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


Lol what happened to the moldy that was port begging for ps4 exclusives (you know the things that sell consoles and are NOT on pc) only a few weeks ago?

A pc will run xbox games better than the xbox or scorpio including your precious forza that will probably not even chart.... again.

But fh4 the year after is going to be great am I right?

ShadowKnight2601d ago

We waited for 4 years and still nothing new 😅

Kribwalker2601d ago

Really? Your ignorance is starting to show

ShadowKnight2601d ago

I'm glad you feel that way. Just stating facts

_-EDMIX-_2601d ago

Buddy I feel like people have been waiting for E3 for several years , don't you realize nothing is actually going to happen? How long does it take this company to plan a series of games for? The entire generation?

I agree that clearly E3 to hold some answers but I'm just not holding my breath simply because they haven't even done the moves in regards to acquisition to really show that they even have a number of teams to make a great arsenal of games the majority of Studios Microsoft has left are devoted to key specific properties that are established that we know will continue to get milk to death.

Unless they're telling us 343, Coalition games , Turn 10 are all making brand new intellectual properties it's actually doubtful we're going to see anything Brand New by this company because it would beg to question by who? What team would they even have left to create something brand-new that's even of a high caliber?

Their best teams all make the same things regurgitated.