Pachter: Scorpio Won't Sell Well If Priced Higher Than $399, Won't Have Much Japanese Support

The lid was blown off the mystery that is the Xbox Scorpio a bit yesterday- as far as the hardware is concerned, we seem to know a bit ore about it now than we did before, with its specs and performance gains now in the open. Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox Scorpio focused mostly on the hardware for now, but a few questions still remain- for instance, how expensive will this be? It is abundantly clear that Microsoft haven't held back in any regard. Will Scorpio be an expensive machine?

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dirkdady559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Hate to say it I agree with him to a degree. Historically Microsoft have had difficulty securing third party Japanese dev support. I know they've done Blue dragon and lost odyssey deals in the past - but not so much these days.

Ultimately we are what appears to entering into a lengthy console war with mid-yr refreshes. I wouldn't be shocked if Sony starts leaking intel alluding to a more powerful hardware refresh that will linger on till 2019.

Not quite sure how I feel about all of this. On one hand platforms are pushing more powerful hardware but then restricting devs from creating exclusive content to the premium version outside of 4K and resolution improvements. Are we really moving the industry forward or just prolonging the current gen?

skydragoonityx559d ago

Xbone struggled to compete with the PS4, i doubt a more expensive powerful (with few exclusives) will change anything

Deep-throat559d ago

Yeah... the Scorpio needs exclusives like Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, NieR and more niche games that barely ship one million copies.

The average gamer wants his CoDs, Fifas and other heavily advertised craps like Destiny.

slate91559d ago

Everyone watch out, deep-throat shits golden bricks.

TheGoodestBoi559d ago

"more niche games that barely ship 1 million copies"
The Xbox already got plenty of those, like Halo wars 2 and Dead rising. One could say they're ultra niche as they were way below a million 😂

xHeavYx559d ago

@Deep-throat (what a fitting username)
Horizon says hi. That's the appeal of the Playstation brand, there is something for everyone.
That's one of the reasons why so many people moved from the 360 to the PS4, because of games.

Nitrowolf2559d ago

I don't understand why people keep thinking that power is the sole reason why the PS4 is outpacing the xbox.

Take a look at all thr exclusives for ps4 this far teleased this year. Besides Horizon, games like NIOH, gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Persona 5 (also on ps3) COULD all run on the xbox One.

This "no games" people keep saying isnt gonna get fixed with a more powerful xbox One. Sure itll have games that run better, but power was never a debating Factor for the vast majority of exclusives.

Sony just has a better relationship with Developers

AnubisG559d ago (Edited 559d ago )


You are very much out of touch buddy. CoD is in a decline and FIFA isn't a system seller especially because it's available on every single platform under the sun, so is CoD. What the Scorpio needs is fresh amazing exclusives that is only available on it and you can't even get it on the PC. That's the only way. As long as you can buy xbox exclusives on PC, not many people will look in the direction of the Scorpio other than hardcore Xbox fans. Oh and it sure needs to be under $400. No question about that.

343_Guilty_Spark559d ago

It launched less powerful hardware, that was harder to develop for initially at $100 more than Sony.

_-EDMIX-_559d ago

@Deep- its no longer about 1 or 2 titles. Its now the collective of all those titles that are selling PS4.

The last 4 months or so have likely sold many people on PS4. From Nioh, Yakuza Zero, Gravity Rush 2, Nier and Horizon, those last months are showing that the system is just getting an onslaught of games.

They don't need to move 5 million each to help the system, they just need to be good enough to show its getting this support and clearly they just need to be BETTER then XONE.

Can you say the XONE got the last 4 or 5 months like PS4? For god sakes, I'm even MISSING titles from that list. They are just destroying MS bud.

Not only did titles like Dead Rising 4 and Halo Wars 2 sell less then 1 million, they clearly don't ALSO have Yakuza, Nier, Nioh etc. So who cares? At the ending of the day, they sold less, yet still don't have as much games. To consumers, its simply about who has the best varity for their buck.

The last 4 months has shown that Sony's Japan support is UNMATCHED and they are going to be getting a boat load of sales from those titles. Those titles have shown why it makes sense to own a PS4 over a XONE.

I'd rather buy a PS4 for Nier, Nioh, Yakuza Zero, Horizon, etc regardless of how they sold vs XONE with just Halo Wars 2 and Dead Rising. Consider 3 of the 4 listed are new concepts.......

KillBill558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Too everyone saying exclusives are the reason people bought a PS4, stop lying. Already been shown that exclusives are far and away the least sold games on either platform and more so on the PS4. Multiplatform games dominate on the PS4.

Xbox One has 8 exclusive games in their respective Top 30 Sales. PS4 has 3 games in their respective top 30 Sales. And MS even sold Minecraft on PS4 which sold enough to get in PS4 Top 20. Tell me again about exclusive issues? The majority of PS4 player base does not buy exclusives by the sales data.

So 25% of Xbox One Top 30 games are exclusives. And only 10% of PS4 Top 30 games are exclusives. So who's player base supports exclusives more on their respective consoles? Not too hard a question to answer.

LastCenturyRob558d ago

Who says this time next year it will have fewer exclusives? When X1 came out for the first two years it had more exclusives (not counting indies).

candystop558d ago

Hate all you want people but power is a huge factor in this race as well as exclusives and superior multiplats. Sony needed time no different than what MS needs. There's room for both consoles and any benefit for xbox is also one for PlayStation.

558d ago
DarXyde558d ago


I do believe most game sales are multiplatform titles, but it's likely because you can get those games AND exclusives of interest on PlayStation. It's more or less a means of avoiding the cost of another console and getting the most games you want.

To respond to Pachter, I think Scorpio *can* sell above $399, but not much more. If they can really put together an appealing presentation that says, "this is what you're paying for. It's more expensive than the competition, but here's why", it might not outsell PS4, but it'll at least do better than some expect, I'm sure. It's all about execution.

As for Japanese support, I think we'll see big games, but that's really it. Japanese developers don't often stress hardware the way western developers do unless you're Square Enix or Kojima. Will Japanese developers support it? Probably, but don't expect it to take full advantage of the hardware.

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kneon559d ago

As long as the original PS4 and XB1 are still being produced then we won't likely see any PS4 Pro or Scorpio exclusives. But it wouldn't surprise me to see them stop production of the PS4 and XB1 in a couple of years. Then they can move the baseline up to the Pro and Scorpio and release the next console iterations soon after.

Cmv38559d ago

Given ms history. I could see the xb1 phased out sooner if Scorpio shows promise of supporting the platform solo.

InTheZoneAC559d ago

given history MS will phase out and cease whatever little support they had and move onto the next iteration, while Sony will continue to feed us games, then some point later come out with the next iteration and games will still come even after the next iteration releases.

That's good customer support, not MS. Keep giving them money though.

KillBill558d ago

Go ahead and show us that history. You guys are talking out of your rears....

LastCenturyRob558d ago

@ Cmv38...explain this history you are talking about.

CaptainObvious878558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

@Killbill and LastCentury

It's because of deliberately stupid ms apologists like you that they can continue to get away with the bare minimum and remain in the industry.

MS history of prematurely dropping support is well known and well documented, so give yourself 2 seconds to think about what you're writing before you type something so stupid and so divorced from reality in the future.

1nsomniac558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

I'm not an MS apologist so please why don't you enlighten me of their history??

I've been gaming for 30 years & had all the consoles & built dozens of pc's. So I can also understand why people don't like them as well. But with the acceptation of Kinect I'm not aware of anything they've prematurely ditched. They even kept the Zune going. Even tried to keep Encarta going during the rise of the Internet.

I have no idea what you guys are talking about & don't think you do either.

Microsoft are a bad company, yea I agree with that. Support is not really something you can fault them for though.

Dragonscale558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

@killbill/lcrob, ms history in a nutshell. OG xbox, support for a while then dropped like a hot brick. X360 supported for half a gen then dropped like a hot brick. Xbone supported for half a gen then dropped like a hot brick. Think theres a pattern here somewhere.

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ZeroX9876559d ago

No need for another PS4 upgrade. I already got a PC well more capable than the PS4 Pro and at a very good price at that! I enjoy my consoles for what they are, budget-hardware with great exclusives lineup and somewhat "portable" as to I can easily bring it to a friend's house to play side by side. The exclusives lineup has been the sole reason why I kept buying consoles over the last decade.

Sony could always start to sell a 3rd tier of the PS4 at a similar price than Scorpio and have the same performance, but I don't want them to lose more time on this and put their efforts in bringing us games.

Best Positive thing about the Scorpio is that every exclusives that Microsoft produce are going to take full advantage of advance tech, hence even MORE great performance for us PC folks. Lots of PC fans are always saying that consoles hold back devs on the performance side, well I think they're taking the right step with the Play anywhere.

donthate559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Yeah, Japanese devs don't like Xbox, an American designed console. Unfortunately for the Japanese, that is also why their relevance is declining.

Pacther also didn't think Kinect would sell well at $149. It turned out to be the fastest selling device in recorded history.

G20WLY558d ago

SO much fail in your comment lmfao!

FinalFantasyFanatic558d ago

That comment is so wrong on so many levels, how do you explain the PS4 and it's games then? I don't get why people think Japanese games are niche (some are) or are in the minority.

notachance558d ago

is this reverse day or something

AmUnRa558d ago

O boy, donthate thats the biggest bullshit i read today, are you for real?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Nintendo, Square, Bandai Namco, From Software, Tecmo Koei, Polyphony Digital, Japan Studio all say hello.

COD, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Forza, Gears, and Titanfall all saw declining sales on their latest releases. Care to explain that?

trooper_558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Is that why Mc Donalds exist and American products (including games) are sold in Japan?


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SirBradders559d ago

Reiterations of consoles are the way forward and so is backwards compatibility I am a playstation fan at heart and all fanboyism aside the Scorpio is gonna push Sony to do the same with backwards compatibility and bringing consoles more in line with PC'S.

This generation is great for everyone you have the cheaper box standard ps4 / xbone, Mid tier pro and now the mid to high end Scorpio. Whatever your budget your spoiled for choice. If Sony bring a new high end console to light I hope it's fully backwards compatible and I'll be a day one purchaser.

Captain_Tom559d ago

I just expect the PS5 to launch in 2019. 6 year console life with a half-way refresh.

LexHazard79558d ago

That all depends. Yea there not securing Japanese exclusives, but for you guys to think they dont get Japanese support is just blindness. CAPCOM, Sega, Square Enix, Tecmo, Konami, Namco, Arc System, Comcept, SnK...just a few devs/ pubs from Japan that support Xbox.

ILostMyMind558d ago

Prolonging the current gen. They already said that.

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Neonridr559d ago

well unless Sony is planning a price drop, you can't expect MS to sell their hardware at the same price Sony is for theirs. Perhaps $449 would be an acceptable price, I don't know.

gameseveryday559d ago

I doubt it will be $449. It really is a high end machine. But again, Microsoft may surprise us so you never know. The sweet spot is $399 but really it will be amazing if MS sets that price for Scorpio.

ShadowKnight559d ago

They will lose money if they price it at $399

Cmv38559d ago

If this thing is sold at 399, it will sell very well forcing Sony to drop the price of the pro to 299. 499 and up, and ms has to do a lot to convince people why thru should double dip.

Shubhendu_Singh558d ago

@shadowknight ;
MS lost money througout X360 days.
I don't think they will hesitate THAT much to gain a leg up from Sony.

Phoenix76559d ago

At that price point it would be around £500-550 in the UK. Way to much for most gamers except the most hardcore.

ImGumbyDammit559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Isn't $449 around 362GBP? How much is your VAT? I thought it was 20%. By my calculations isn't that 434GBP not really close to 500. Am I missing something? Just curious, it has been a 8 years since I have been to London so my across the pond calculations may be off. By the way, it is not Microsoft's fault you tax everything so high. Although not quite as bad. In California in most places (like LA) we pay at least 9% (soon to be 9.5%) and that isn't even built into the advertising price.

LucasRuinedChildhood559d ago

@ImGumbyDammit A lot of the prices in Europe as the same as the American price .... but with a different currency. $400 PS4 in America = €400 console in Europe. We generally get screwed over.

I don't think what Phoenix is saying is correct though. It's pricing would realistically be something more be like £380-£400 pounds (maybe higher).

Captain_Tom559d ago

In what world is Sony not going to drop the price?

PS4K isn't expensive to make, and the normal PS4S is now already $250 with a game bundled. You should expect the PS4K to be $349 by fall.

Only way Sony keeps its current price is if MS launches the XBOX 2 at $499. Then it would be DOA, and Sony can just keep their current prices (And high profits).

Dragonscale558d ago

Sony will probably wait for scorpio release to drop the price.

558d ago
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XiNatsuDragnel559d ago

Sadly I agree with chump. Japanese support is difficult and the 500 price range wouldn't flying off shelves anytime soon.

Bigpappy559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

I am betting that Scorpio will sell even better than X1 at $500. Especially in the U.S. when people see the way 3rd party are supporting 4K on Scorpio at E3, I guarantee the preorder's will be through the roof.

As for Japanese support: who knows. Would be nice, but no big deal for me either way. I used to love their games. But I have changed as a gamer

RememberThe357559d ago

I like your reasoning but I'm not convinced that 4k is as much a selling point as these companies want it to be. We shall see.

558d ago
Christopher559d ago

I think it will sell fine if it's $500 or less. More the less it is, but it will make a profit and extend the generation for Microsoft as is needed.

FallenAngel1984559d ago

It's obvious Xbox One isn't going to get a lot of Japanese orientated games unless it's multiplatform

blackblades559d ago

Of course not, jp doesn't care about the power.

FallenAngel1984559d ago

Japanese developers do care about power, but not when it's on a platform that their software doesn't sell well on

Bigpappy558d ago

Even then it is not assured. Many Japanese games go PS4 PC and never port to Xbox. I don't understand why that is the case and I just notice it and move on. I have plenty of games to play with or without Japanese.

Dragonscale558d ago

@big, 'I don't understand why that is the case'. Because Japanese games don't sell that well on xbox especially in Japan.

558d ago
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