Game Informer: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

Nintendo signed a triple-A RPG developer to translate Mario's greatness into a deeper experience than the limiting platformer genre. Square's Super Mario RPG on SNES paved the way for several great Mario-themed RPGs on portable and home consoles alike. While former rival Sega may be over a decade late to the party, getting Sonic Chronicles makes it worth the wait.

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IAm1Bearcat4386d ago

it's almost hard to believe a Sonic game got a good score almost as hard as it is to believe Sonic now has an RPG game! i guess this just goes to show that some developers are seriously f*cking talented at what they do. bioware taking the dead in the water sonic franchise and making it into an RPG and have it get bunches of 8-8.5's? thats just amazing.

it's a shame some gamers wont play this because they "dont really like RPG's", i think most games that score over an 8 deserve to be at least rented and thoroughly played through.

i know when i have time i will check this game out. Thanks BioWare for making a good Sonic game.... and will you get to f*cking work on Mass Effect 2 already?!?!?! thanks :)

Sena Kobayashi4386d ago


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Jeromejones4385d ago

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games4fun4385d ago

i remember that two its from sonic adventure

sonic adventure the only good 3d sonic game and it still had crappy dialogue.

Why did they get rid of the open world exploration for sonic adventure 2? that was actually cool imo they should have added more to it in the sequel instead of just not having it.