Switch sells 137,000 games in the UK during first month, PS4 at 800k, Xbox One at 500k

UK software sales numbers for March are out and according to the data, the Nintendo Switch sold 137,000 software units during its first month on the market there.

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Nyxus1624d ago

Wow, so PS4 sold close to a million in March in the UK alone? Looks like Horizon is a real system seller!

slavish01624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Holy $h!t, horizon sold close to a million in march in the UK ?!?!!

uptownsoul1623d ago

For a PS4 UK Launch comparison: In the UK the PS4 sold 250k in the first 48hours after launch. So if even half of those people bought a game at the same time then that would be 125k software units in the first 48 hours

[source: (paragraph 1, sentence 1)]

indysurfn1623d ago

@Nyxus you didn't misread, the article was changed (updated) it did at first say hardware. See them admit it now. So you are not at fault for a misread.

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ShottyatLaw1624d ago

I think they updated it later. I was really impressed at first, too.

RpgSama1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I don't think those numbers are accurate in any way, when UK is one of the biggest markets in the world, if not the second after USA (maybe Japan), then definitely the Third, and you have multi million selling Horizon, Million Selling Nier, Million Selling Nioh, Kingdom hearts, Yakuza 0 and other games that in these past few months have only come out on the ps4 and are still selling + multi-platform titles like Mass Effect among others that are definitely ALL selling more on the Ps4, you can't have such a small difference in software between the Xbox One and the Playstation, you just can't.

And the Switch numbers are just sad when you consider they have almost parity between Zelda sales and Switches, does that mean that they had to sell only 150 thousand consoles in the second/third biggest market in the world on it's launch month? that's not a lot.

MatrixxGT1623d ago

Well it seems Zelda is the only
Game on Switch worth a shit right now. Makes sense.

CaptainObvious8781623d ago

When you put it like that those ps4 and xbone numbers look very fishy.

Sirk7x1623d ago

That's probably about all that was shipped there. The launch shipment was less than 2 million worldwide. Not really alot.

RpgSama1623d ago


I'm going to make a random guess with 6 to 800k Usa, 500k Japan and what's left for the rest of the world, would've thought that the UK was a bigger for nintendo with more units allotted to that market.

mcstorm1623d ago

Sirk7x is spot on. We did not get many switch consoles in the UK. Every retailer would also only let you buy one console at a time and I've not checked this week but last week they were still sold out. My brother has been after one since it came out i was lucky and got mine day one. It's also hard to go off the 1st month sales we need to wait until we are a year in to get a real good picture on how well the console is selling. Also in the UK our top 10 harts are always the same year in year FIFA cod, bf, AC, GTA and a few other games are always in it we don't have a massive following of games like Zelda, horizon ect for legs anyway

indysurfn1623d ago

If you compare apples to apples, and oranges to orange how can you call SWITCH sales Sad? Compare launch number to launch numbers. Not month one to month 36+. That is both unreasonable, and irrational. SWITCH is literally making sales records, and you manage to satanicly and color it sad?!

1623d ago
RpgSama1623d ago


I'm not comparing ps4 and xbox software sales to switch, I'm just saying that i would've thought they would have more units available for the third biggest market in the world for the launch, that was my point.

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vergilxx31623d ago

Lol it's software sales during the first month of console launch " Not March for Xbox ps4"
And horizon sold 2.6m in under 2 weeks

Utalkin2me1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


modelgod1622d ago

Only 300k more than xbox with a sleuth of exclusives; not that impressive. Horizon probably sold around 100k-180k units, ppl we're going to buy the PS4 regardless idiot. So basically your saying is, if Horizon didn't drop, then the X1 would have outsold the PS4 with no exclusives besides Halo Wars 2? Great! ! Watch what you say b4 you comment, this isn't your ordinary site player! !

modelgod1622d ago

The real story is how ppl we're saying "Horizon and Zelda.....PS4 with all these exclusives (hot exclusives I might add, no bias here), the Nintendo Switch, oh boy what a great time to be a gamer. " like I said in previous posts, if you live anywhere outside Japan, your not interested in the switch. A new Zelda, new system, and X1 outsold it 3-1. LMAO!!

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SoulWarrior1624d ago

Not that surprising, the Siwtch price conversion in the UK is complete BS coupled with the majority of retailers pricing Zelda at an absurd £50-60.

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-Foxtrot1623d ago

I went into Game and a few other places to see if I could pick up my own Smash Bros U instead of lending it all the time and it's STILL £39.99. The pre owned versions are a bigger joke at £34.99

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Dark_Overlord1623d ago

CEX is just as bad as GAME, CEX watch the market and over price the games accordingly. At the moment certain games are cheaper to buy brand new from GAME than they are 2nd hand from CEX (less than half the price).

_-EDMIX-_1623d ago


I live in the United States and I only know of game from here and well NeoGaf, but GAME basically sounds like GameStop

Artemidorus1623d ago

Don't support GAME, they cling on by ripping people off particularly children who spend their money on second hand goods at rip off prices.

They also bump the RRP to full too.

RommyReigns1623d ago


Yes GAME are like the UK equivalent of Gamestop, but unlike you guys in the US who have proper gaming competitors on the high street like Target, Walmart, KMart, Best Buy, Amazon US etc to check prices, we in the UK are more or less stuck with GAME as the high street gaming retailer and CEx are usually regarded as a gaming and entertainment pawn shop. There used to be a great high street store called Gamestation but unfortunately the company that owns GAME bought them and all their assets. There isn't much competition on the high street in UK as even supermarkets like Asda (owned by Walmart), Morrisons, Toys R Us, and Tesco etc rarely have game sales and price drops.

Unfortunately the ill-informed resort to going to con artists like GAME instead of being more informed and going online to places like SimplyGames, Shopto, TheGameCollection, Amazon (although not as good as the US with the 20% off preorder thing, Amazon price match and also Prime members in the UK have a £2 off offer on games up to 14 days of the game releasing which can be worthwhile most of the time), Base, Tesco Direct sometimes have good deals, Argos sometimes cut prices (and sometimes have huge glitches for example like last July where they had the preorder price for CoD Legacy Edition (IW and MW Remastered) for £40) etc. Using a price collating website like HotUKDeals makes getting the cheapest game and hardware/software price much easier in the UK. But regarding the high street in the UK I find a growing retailer named Smyths Toys are getting competitive in the gaming market and offering great prices and deals regularly on games and preorders.

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MrEnglish1623d ago

One of the bigger issues for things in the UK is that you have 20% sales tax slapped on everything. Then these companies pay a tax for importing.

That's one of the reasons I left rip off Britain 11 years ago

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Neonridr1624d ago

Not surprising since there are how many more million PS4's and XB1's out there in the UK?

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