Why PS3's Blu-ray Player Might Be Worth It

Benjamin Cormack writes:

"Why is the Blu-ray player on the PS3 important? This question has been addressed again and again; it even echoes a similar question asked ages ago about the PS2 and its DVD player. I've defended the PS3 before, although I don't own one, though I will in the future (if I can ever afford it), but that's irrelevant. Let's ignore the PS3 for a minute and just look at the bonus of having a Blu-ray player included. Anime fans, pay attention."

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chaosatom3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

as a gaming machine first just like the ps2.

There are lots of people who bought ps2 for the DVD, same is true for the ps3. Simply saying that ps3 sales are high because of blu-ray is missing the point because People don't even know that PS3 has a blu-ray in it.

I think biggest reason for blu-ray, is that it helps the developers fit their games in them. One year from, the quality will go up and so will the space.

Having a blu-ray is a just a extra-feature and if u don't have so much download space on your hard-drive, then everyone will prefer blu-ray disc for movies or games, rather than downloading off the psn store, which is going to rack up massive space.

'_'3702d ago

{we all know its worth it only cnet and microsoft are the ones who smoke cocaine}

SmokingMonkey3701d ago

because it's the most complete entertainment system to date!

PS3, PS2(for some) and PS1 games that's well over 2500 HARDCORE games!

CD, DVD, BluRay Discs ("import" music and DL or Rent movies to HD)

PSP intergration! Name another console that hooks up to a handheld counterpart? (DSlite you say?....only Pokemeon and little else)
-Remote Play!
-PSN games and MOVIES
-PS1 games (i currently have 15 PS1 games on my PSP from the PSN.....great ones like Silent Bomber and Samurai Shodown 1-4 from korean PSN)

PS3 has a GREAT future (MAG, TeamICO's 2 games..enough said)

LITTLEBIGPLANET (deserves it's own caps)


All the fixens (HDMI, 7.1 sound, Wifi, etc)

uuummmm.......QUALITY!!!!! very big in my book, let's just say
-less than 5% defective and not mention any acronyms...oops too late.

Best 1st party line up (NO QUESTION)

you're damn right it's the best bluray player, and like i said before

The most complete entertainment system ever.....IMO

juuken3701d ago

The system rocks.
Nuff' said.

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