Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed

Digital Foundry has the specs, has seen it running, and has talked to the people who built it.

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darthv722184d ago

Man... this is gonna be good

Deep-throat2184d ago

The Scorpion could mark the beginning of a great new dawn for XBOX.

naruga2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

hmm not smthing spectacular though....

Kribwalker2184d ago

"Microsoft's Scorpio engine enjoys spec domination over PS4 Pro in all areas - "

Yep, just a typical system smh

bouzebbal2184d ago

i think they should have used all the R&D and marketing costs to create a few exclusives for x1, and improved X1S a little more to run 1080p for every game.
this is not good, a console really lacking games getting a power and price upgrade? i wonder if this is a good solution.
e3 will be hardware driven then and a few 3rd party games here and there.. classic!!

ABizzel12184d ago

The Scropio will likely be a +$500 console, due to the customized hardware and more importantly due to the required higher cooling expense to keep the system cool from the high clocks.

Overall Scorpio will be a great piece of hardware.

XanderZane2184d ago

Quote, "It's hitting 4K @ 60fps effortlessly. Now take a look at the GPU utilization at the top there. It's using 66..19% of the GPU. This is a straight XB1 port"

It's a MONSTER!!! Turn 10 said it took 2 days to port and were completely shocked at what they saw.
The DF guy is completely blown away with how they customized the hardware. Now I understand why they had him do the reveal. The hardware is so complex that they really needed an expect to break everything down and he did an excellent job at that. It's amazing that they did all of this still using the Jaguar CPU that's customized.

christocolus2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Amazing........ DX12 is now built into the hardware also porting and updating games is extremely easy. freesync will be enabled and supersampling... That is forza 6 running native 4k60fps on ultra settings with much more room to spare. MS did an amazing job with this thing...

some interesting quotes below

"what we have is a more modest evolution of the Xbox One unit. But the GPU is a beast. It's very, very fast."....Eurogamer

"Microsoft has made a commitment that (unlike PS4 Pro) all improved Scorpio modes for games must be available regardless of the display that's connected. So even with a regular 1080p TV, you'll be able to choose between performance modes that make the game run better, or resolution modes that will then "supersample" the 4K image down to your 1080p display, which should give you superb image quality - basically, a fantastically smooth and pretty picture. It's like having the ultimate anti-aliasing solution..... Eurogamer

More below..talking about performance

"smashed it. At the same graphics quality settings as Xbox One, the demo ran at a full 4K resolution, at a perfect 60 frames per second. For Xbox One to do this at a standard HD resolution of 1080p uses about 90 per cent of that console's power. Scorpio was only using 60-70 per cent of its resources to run this demo. The graphics settings were then ramped up to the equivalent of the ultra settings on the PC game Forza Motorsport Apex, and Scorpio still didn't break a sweat.

So that means...

Scorpio potentially has enough power not just to run Xbox One games at 4K resolution at the same frame rate - it's got power to spare on improving their looks further, with higher quality graphics settings, smoother frame rates, and more."..................E urogamer

Day One...... :)

S2Killinit2184d ago

I actually expected a lot more.

andrewsquall2184d ago

@XanderZane Since when exactly is Forza of all things a technical showcase this gen lol?

Where were all the people this past 2 days begging for them to show Xbone Forza running at 4K 60fps at this event? What happened to all the speculation it would be "definitely" Crackdown 3 or a brand new IP???

Now, aside from the Phantom Dust port lol, THIS is your new go to game, essentially a biannual sports game too.

TheCommentator2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Christocolus, Don't forget that they have enough power to get 900p games to run Native 4K too, and that MS "overdelivered" on ALL it's promises. Off topic, but MS is promising to focus on games too so maybe this time they mean it! Anyways, it's freaking ridiculous that they customized nearly every part of the machine, more than 60 components, yet based it off the XB1 hardware so well that Turn 10 got Forza 6 running in 4K with 4K assets in just 2 days.

Aenea, I'm not calling you out to be mean, but in the other thread yesterday about the 4K patched exclusives, you asked where the patents were if MS did all kinds of customization to the HW? Honestly, I can't answer that. I doubt that a company makes this many changes to things though without patenting them. These HW innovations increase the efficiency of Scorpio tremendously. Seems like the insider and their rumors about efficiency were quite possibly right, and that Scorpio is in fact 60% more efficient because of the innovations MS brought to it's HW. I do remember before last E3, rumors of 10tf performance getting thrown around, and 6tf x 1.6 = 9.6tf actual compute, but who knows excatly how much more efficient they made the Scorpio.

Someone care to do the math on getting a 900p, 1.3tf game up to native 4K? I'll bet it takes more than 6tf...

AngelicIceDiamond2184d ago

This clearly shows the S and most certainly the original X1 will get left in the dust compared to the Scorpion version. Games running at 4k OVER 60 frames in Forza is beyond ridiculous. I'm almost afraid to see vanilla X1 versions of future titles and exclusives.

frostypants2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@Kribwalker, the Pro's equivalent competition is the One S (and the Pro mops the floor with it). Sony has not unveiled what would be their answer to Scorpio...if they even care to bother.

XanderZane2184d ago

It's obviously just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe when they show Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 or Battlefront 2 running at 4K 60fps that will impress you a bit more. I would love to see some of these demos games ported over to the Scorpio next.

Kribwalker2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


I'd say when it was being compared to GTsport

NatFanBoyRestricted2183d ago

But but but but but MS is pulling out of the console market

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98xpresent2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

It was running forza whatever at 4K/60 using only 66 % competing power. Idk about you but that's really impressive to me

mark_parch2184d ago

with full 4k assets / ultra setting as well. that's fucking impressive

lxeasy2184d ago

For a console there's no denying these specs are Beast!

andrewsquall2184d ago

It can run a Forza game that looks something like this at 4K (well the 3rd Forza game released on Xbone so far anyway)?
Incredible lol

mark_parch2184d ago

direct quote "The graphics settings were then ramped up to the equivalent of the ultra settings on the PC "

yeahokwhatever2184d ago

there's no such thing as "4k assets". Assets are the models, sound, textures, etc. in a game. 4K is the display resolution. They aren't linked or related. What is 4k sound? What is a 4k model?

TheCommentator2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yeah Ok...

I think you should take a step back and watch the video. It mentions 4K Assets specifically. There is such a thing as 4K assets. Wasn't Fallout's 4K PC texture pack close to 60GB? Aren't textures considered assets?

If we were playing Jeopardy, you would have lost. The correct answer is: What are 4K textures?

fatbastard112184d ago

I'm rooting for it more than anybody but showing off a racing game that runs 1080p/60 fps even on the base Xbox One isn't anything special.We have to wait until E3 to see other titles running on Scorpio.

ProjectVulcan2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Forza 6 4k at 60FPS isn't really that amazing though. 'Xbox One quality settings' is what their article says. I mean you can do that on Forza 6 Apex on PC with a mid range machine. A good quad core and a GTX1060 can do 4K 60FPS on it with those same quality of settings no problem whatsoever these days.

It's going to be fast for a console but really, Microsoft have to focus on the games rather than the hardware now. If they are simply going to offer a butt load of 4K ports and not any more original IPs again the machine is not going to challenge PS4 Pro.

NatFanBoyRestricted2183d ago

But but but 6TF isn't enough to go from 900 to 4k. There are no 1080p games on xbox. But but there are no games on xbox /s

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Greg28012184d ago

Now the real question is, can microsofts first party do something good with al that power. Sony's first party can make amazing games with less power. All that power is great, but we all want amazing games, not just more beautifull and better performing games

wsoutlaw872184d ago

Yeah it sounds pretty awesome. I probably won't get one myself, but they could convince me

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

So any guesses on how much this "vapor cooled" console is going to cost? It sure as hell ain't gonna be $399.

darthv722184d ago

$499 is still my guess. I'm good with that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@darthv72It's going to be more than $499 dude. It has Vapor cooling. At least be realistic. Come on.

hulk_bash19872184d ago

Will buy if it's within the $500-$600 price range. The scorpio is gonna be a beast of a home console, defintely the most powerful console ever made. Now all they have to do is add some killer app exclusives to their library and the Xbox brand will come back in full force. Once we get more details at E3, I'll have to run out and preorder one. Until then, I'll be busy putting tons of hours into my Persona 5 playthrough.

Soc52183d ago

Is it? I don't know, they are using too much of the systems power just for a resolution boost. I think that's a waste of power. Would you rather play the Witcher 3 the way it is now at 4k or would you rather play it almost looking like CGI or pre downgrade at 1080p. I would take the latter version any day!!!

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zivtheawesome2184d ago

so jaguar confirmed? i guess it will be 399$

butchertroll2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yes, it's customized Jaguar. A year later. LOL And GPU is also based on Polaris, only more enhancements.

Also DF said this :

"While Digital Foundry has revealed the tech powering the next Xbox, we still don't know the final name of the console, nor do we know how much Microsoft will charge for its mid-generation refresh. But one thing seems clear: Project Scorpio will be more expensive than PS4 Pro.

Ybarra told Leadbetter Project Scorpio is designed for "that premium customer, the gamer that expects the absolute best versions of the games" - so expect it to be priced accordingly"

So, it will be over 400$. This thing will be DOA.

Neonridr2184d ago

Shouldn't it cost more than the Pro does though?

TankCrossing2184d ago

It will cost more than the Pro, but not by any staggering margin. The tech is from the same family, MS have just out-engineered Sony to push it harder.

Kribwalker2184d ago

"Microsoft's Scorpio engine enjoys spec domination over PS4 Pro in all areas - "

""The best case scenario for Microsoft is that its CPU and GPU hardware customisation - derived directly from granular analysis of existing game engines - will produce a gulf in results even wider than those seen frequently seen in Xbox One/PS4 cross-platform releases."

So the gap will most likely be bigger then the PS4 Xbox one gap. No big deal right?

Mystogan2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

nice downplaying.

butchertroll2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


Got a problem? What downplay. I just said facts, man.

It will cost more than the Pro, but not by any staggering margin. The tech is from the same family, MS have just out-engineered Sony to push it harder.

A year later. It was so obvious. It will cost more than Pro, and also i'm pretty sure Pro will have a price-cut later this year too. So, i expect 100$-150$ with Pro's price-cut.

"USgamer: Any speculation on what this will cost with the specs you've seen?

Leadbetter: Well, it's going to be more expensive than Pro. That much is obvious. The physical size of the chip - pretty much the most expensive single component - is larger, meaning it costs more. The extra four gigs of RAM will add to the cost, as will the UHD Blu-ray drive. The hard drive is pricier, the cooling assembly too. I wasn't told anything about price, but reclaiming performance leadership in the console sector with the ambition Microsoft is showing isn't going to come for free."

BLKxSEPTEMBER2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Lol you're a hater. Of coarse it will cost more it's superior to the pro. It's only doa to the people who wasn't going to buy it anyway.

mark_parch2184d ago

if it runs games better than the pro I assume it will cost a little moe

butchertroll2184d ago


Of course it will. It will come out a year later after Pro launch. It is so obvious.

headblackman2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

400 dollars is cool with me. i can afford it with no problem. no disrespect to those who can't but, that's not my issue. 400 would be the sweet spot, but im prepared to go 600 (no higher!). im geeked for e3 2017 :-D

Death2184d ago


Without knowing the price it's hard to judge value/worth. If it's $100 more than the Pro, I see the value based on specs and features. If you don't, that's ok too. I'm not sure why people think the goal is world domination in sales. Premium products typically appeal to a smaller group of people. It simply may not be for you.

2184d ago
AAWELLS092184d ago

Spin Doctor #122 has clocked in for the day. I expect a full days work from you.

wsoutlaw872184d ago

@tankcrossing your comment was hilarious and foolish

yeahokwhatever2184d ago

"the gamer that expects the best versions of games designed for a platform 40% slower than its competitor" Fixed it for you.

TheCommentator2184d ago

Most people have a problem with you Butcher TROLL... but I don't know why... /sarcasm.

ULTp0ltergeist2184d ago

Well it's a premium product so they're not trying to achieve high-volume sells. This will make very powerful consoles cheaper in the coming years giving artists more capacity to express themselves. Only good things will come of this best time for anyone in the industry imo.

Unspoken2184d ago

$1000 PC equivalent for <$500

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Codedan2184d ago

I would say since a lot of this was due to customizations $399 would be the smart move. If Microsoft loses some money at first, and then can deliver some damn games then it would be a smart move for the brand.

XanderZane2184d ago

I'm still thinking it will be $500 and I'm completely fine with that. I'd definitely shell out $500 for this beast. By the time it's released the PS4 Pro should be $350, which will be priced just right for me as well. This holiday is going to be incredible.

Codedan2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I want to agree with you, but at the same time Microsoft needs to step it up due to their PR flop.

rainslacker2183d ago

I can't see MS taking a significant loss on the hardware. The biggest audience out of the gate is going to be current X1 owners, and because of that, they don't stand to make it back on the software end any more than they would already. On top of that, they know the hardcore Xbox fans will pay the higher price.

MS isn't likely looking at Scorpio being a big seller out of the gate, so will likely want to at least break even on the hardware, and then that gives them more room to do price drops later.

MS isn't using the word "premium" when referring to the console now to discuss it's technical prowess. They're preparing people for the fact that it's going to be an expensive console. It probably won't be exhorbitantly overpriced though. $499 is probably going to be the minimum...and likely target price of the system. Maybe they'll have a $599 SKU as well.

CyrusLemont2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Sounds great, looks like it's going to make developers very happy. How this will effect the Xbox One remains to be seen. Scalability sacrifices optimisation which means XO might take a performance and graphics hit because of the new system. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

1908-PB2184d ago

it won't have any effect on the xone because it's the same system just like the pro and the original PS4

Allsystemgamer2183d ago

Which makes it useless. It's going to cost a load more to play the exact same games. The Xbox one will hold the Scorpio back.

It's like owning a race car but not being allowed to exceed 60mph....

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Lethaltare2184d ago

I feel that this isn't that impressive. If you haven't got the games to show, why release a "pro" version of a console that already lacks "exclusive" support? 4K ain't going to save you. Spec wise it's not a massive improvement over the PS4 Pro either?

KingKionic 2184d ago

"Sony's machine is very clever and produces great results in the right hands - and as ever, the quality of the end results depends on how well the software runs, not on waving numbers around. But as far as those numbers go, Scorpio has PS4 Pro licked." -Digital Foundry

Lethaltare2184d ago

I read the article, I know the quote, doesn't mean it's true. They've been given "exclusive" info for an upcoming console of course they're going to throw out comments like that. Either way, the PS4 is so ahead with the library of games at this time in the console market, Microsoft is too behind with there "Pro" console. I own an Xbox One S and I don't see a reason to jump to the scorpio.

KingKionic 2184d ago

What does libary of games have to do with digital foundry`s comments?

Goalpost moving.

Thats what they said and your saying it doesnt mean its true?

Are you serious right now?

Its digital foundry.

There not gonna risk there reputation.

ger23962184d ago

Wasn't that going to be obvious? Now let's see some exclusives running on the new hardware.

Kribwalker2184d ago

I can't believe the downplay, suck it up princess, the specs on the Scorpio destroy everything else. Not even close

Highlife2184d ago

Have fun playing games ooh wait.......

majiebeast2184d ago

Sorry too busy playing games enjoy your Halo Wars 2 in 4K. WHAHAHAHA

ArmrdChaos2184d ago

Soooo busy playing your games but had time to make your way through the thread and post. The rivers of salt are starting to flow. E3 should be interesting.

XanderZane2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The fact that they ported Forza 6 in 2 days and it looks and runs like it does is very impressive. Turn 10 could easily patch the game to look a lot better and probably run better as well. Running at 4K native 60fps and only using 66% of the GPU. lol!!

Have fun playing games in native 4K @ 60fps? Yes I will and we know there are lots more games coming. Microsoft did this reveal so they could have more time at the E3 to show games running in native 4K @60fps.

The fact that they ported the Forza 6 game in 2 days is even more impressive. It wasn't even fully optimized yet. Even Turn 10 was impressed. Imagine what other developers are going to think. The Scorpio was built for developers and gamers in mind.