Square Enix Says They’re Focussing More On Nintendo Switch Than Xbox Scorpio

Japanese publication The Nikkei has interviewed Square Enix CEO Matsuda-kun and asked him a range of questions regarding the company’s plans for this year. Interestingly, one of the things that popped up in the interview is that Square Enix are spending more time focussing on the Nintendo Switch rather than the upcoming Project Scorpio from the Microsoft team.

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Relientk772654d ago

Good, go to the Japanese companies

naruga2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

....and consequently (Square Enix) focuses more on PS4 than in Switch ;)

jaymacx2654d ago

That may not end up true if japan likes handhelds more. The big AAA will be on ps4 but the lower budget games will likely be on a handheld (probably Switch). Doesn't really matter to me because i will have it on whatever its released on first.

curtis922654d ago

Ah good ole N4G, always gotta be about that PS!

NewMonday2654d ago


advanced games like NiOh and NieR can will still be PS exclusive, but most will be like Dragon Quest Heros available on both platforms.

ABizzel12654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Well the majority of their non-AAA games are very Japanese, and considering the Switch just launched in JP and already has a larger install base than the XBO over there it simply makes sense to only focus on Switch more. The only time XBO should be in the conversation is if there is a PS4 version being made and it's a big enough franchise to where a XBO port could be financially viable.

Western AAA games, PS4 & XBO
Japanese AAA games, PS4 + choose between XBO (FF) / Switch (DQ)
A tier games, PS4 & Switch
Budget games, Switch maybe PS4 port / last result XBO port

wonderfulmonkeyman2654d ago

A dumb decision, considering Switch is a bigger hit in Japan and may outsell it over there in the end.
Not that they shouldn't give some games to the PS4, because damn does Kingdom Hearts 3 look like it'll be a blast, but still...

S2Killinit2654d ago

well, I mean I guess it makes sense because xbox seems to have coincided with the demise of Japanese developers, now, they see that with PlayStation in control, the Japanese developers get a fair share of the market. It makes business sense for them to stick with the console makers that have leverage in the East where the Japanese developers have their biggest base of consumers.

Uken122654d ago

Advanced games? Lol, only on PS4? NiOh is a ripoff of Dark Souls, a game that was released on PS3 and 360.
PS4 Fanboyism is seriously over 9,000 on N4G.

Square Enix have supported Nintendo handhelds for quite some time now. So this is probably what they are talking about. PS4 is only at 4 million units in Japan. If Switch surpasses that by a decent number than it would just make financial sense. Xbox products do absolutely horrible in Japan, they don't market towards the Japanese consumer, which is why a Japanese Game developer will support the Switch over Scorpio.

It really is just common sense people. Also this doesn't mean that you won't see big release like FF15 on Scorpio. It most likely means that they will make different games (Exclusives) for the Switch also. There is no reason for Square Enix to make exclusives for Scorpio.

indysurfn2654d ago

Dang man, people brag when companies support USA companies. And no one make a hate judgment about it. Chill out on that.

There is good economic reason for that.

#1 They have belt up a fan base or the handhelds. consiquently SWITCH is drawing a lot of handheld users over to it. Do you expect they would give up those 10's of millions of paying fans?

#2 There is a hard time getting good review for them here. Because usually reviewers pretend to like JRPG's then turn around and put down the game for doing things that make it a guess what JRPG! They say how much potential it has if it was a action rpg. We do it to ourselves. Look at Legend of Dragoon back in the day no one gave it MORE than 60% but fans ranked it as one of the best ever and they had to have more runs of the game as a result.

rainslacker2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Square does have some pretty decent support of Nintendo systems. At least in the past. They were big on 3DS, and had a bunch of Wii stuff. WiiU I think they mostly skipped though.

I'd imagine their Scorpio support will be about as much as their X1 support is. They did pretty decent with FFXV PS4P support.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane2654d ago

Now lets imagine.... Final Fantasy 15 but portable....

Yeah i would definitely bite. I don't yet own FF15.

MyDietEqualsGames2654d ago

now imagine the FPS, details, FOV, etc all nixed down to a fraction of what they would normally be. FFXV on capable hardware is already pushing it, on portable? Goodluck. It would look probably look like ass.

Neonridr2654d ago

@MyDietEqualsGames - depends on the engine naturally. If it's scalable, you'd be surprised. They wouldn't need to push as much since they could get away with 720p/30fps on the handheld portion. Anything above that when it is docked would be gravy.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2654d ago


Well to be fair, GTA 5 looks amazing on the 360/ps3 and thats far more open world than FF15. In fact FF15 isnt really open at all from what i've heard

bluefox7552654d ago

@Thunder It is open world, there is a lot of empty space, but it's massive in some parts, too big tbh since there's so much empty space.

wonderfulmonkeyman2654d ago

You say fraction as if you have any clue.
You don't.

MyDietEqualsGames2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Despite what you say, FFXV is accepted as open-world. It is more restricted than a lot of open-world games, but it still is, none-the-less. Also, would Rockstar even bother to port GTA V? Do they even have initiative at all towards Switch? Bully might have came out on Nintendo, but that game is fairly old and I doubt the cost was prohibitive.

I do have a clue. If GTA V ever comes out on Switch, then you can serve me some roasted crow, but until then, you'll have to dine on it first.

indysurfn2654d ago

Good point Neonridr. everything is about pixels per inch. Monitors, TV's. .Cell phones...handhelds too.

When you have 720p on a tv and 720 on a small screen (handhelds, cell phones) you have more detail on the smaller screen. This is why when you take a low resolution game from the PSP and put it on a 1080p or 4k tv it looks kinda bad. If you take a 720p game and put it on a handheld at the same resolution there is a richness added. As long as you dont do anything to the textures. If you take FFXV and condense it to 720 it will make it run smoother then port it to handheld and you will have better performance.

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_-EDMIX-_2654d ago

Absolutely of course why wouldn't they? You're talking about a landmark Nintendo hand held against a very very Western system that's probably not going to move them huge numbers in a lot of games.

The fact that you're even seeing them lessen than the number of Microsoft games they make is very much showing the company is staying conservative with their ports.

This isn't shocking even in the least.

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XiNatsuDragnel2654d ago

Good tbh focus on companies that'll make you money.