Square Enix CEO Talks With Nikkei About FFXV, Smartphone Games And More

In this interview, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda talks about Final Fantasy XV, DLC development, smartphone games and more

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gamer78041537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

can we forget about smartphone "games" and even ffxv, just move on to ffxvi please and make a better story and a better looking and playable party members/cast? Thx...

jaycptza1537d ago

no because clearly they are not done

gamer78041537d ago

I disagree with almost everything he says in the article. They need to focus on real handheld and console games

Tapani1537d ago


Yeah, but I don't think you have as much financial and sales data to back up your claims, as this multimillion dollar company CEO has. He also knows how to lead the company and keep it on the black. He probably has a few degrees and few decades of experience, too. So yeah, I'll trust this guy rather than @gamer7804 from the interwebs.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, FFXV, FFXIV, Deus Ex MD have been actually decent games. Now they need to elevate to their former glory by inserting more personality in their games. But I think his strategy is pretty sound from a business point of view and will please shareholders.

jaycptza1537d ago

I am just saying they clearly have a lot more invested in the game more content coming it's clearly easier for them and a quick but eventually it will be done and then we can move on to the FFVII Remake (hopefully a FFVIII and FFIX as well)

gamer78041536d ago

yah I agree it makes some financial sense to add dlc and keep the game(investment) going longer. But as a gamer I just want to see a much better game sooner rather than later. They've been skating by on average games instead of amazing games.

_-EDMIX-_1536d ago

@gamer-the biggest problem is your not even well versed enough about the actual industry in regards to game development to understand that it's not an either-or situation , the people working on that DLC I'm telling you right now it's doubtful it is in entire fully staffed 300 Man team , that just doesn't make any sense and it just sounds like you don't know enough.

This DLC is not stopping a full fledge the game from releasing sooner or later.

Average games? Final Fantasy 15 broke the record as the fastest selling Final Fantasy game in the company's history I'm sorry but you don't know what you're talking about and it just sounds like fanatic fanboy exaggerations.

_-EDMIX-_1536d ago


Why is it that people who don't really understand the game industry always speak on this? So you're asking them to take away the small number of developers that they have working on Final Fantasy 15? What if it's like 10 developers working on that DLC? Are those 10 developer is going to make a brand new game from the ground up? So how on Earth do you actually know working on Final Fantasy 15 it somehow stopping them from making a better story on another game?

MY GOD this just reeks of a child's logic.

For all you know Square Enix already has another team in place working on a Final Fantasy game and probably has been for years.

So when you're asking to move on to Final Fantasy XVI how do you know they haven't already done this? In fact how do you know that they didn't do this even before Final Fantasy 15 started with a different team? It just sounds like you don't really know enough to have a conversation about this you're just assuming based on very slow logic.

I'm pretty damn positive there DLC is not taking up a team of 300 something Developers

gamer78041536d ago

Actually I have family in the gaming industry and have been gaming since before the atari 2600. Obviously I don't know the inner workings of SE specifically but they can always plan better use of funds for different types of developers whether they are C++, HTML5, etc. Or use those resorces to hire more or writers with more experience a specific type of narrative.

_-EDMIX-_1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@Gamer- " Or use those resorces to hire more or writers with more experience a specific type of narrative."


and its NOT AN EITHER OR! They can do both.

Those 10 developers are not going to magically make the next FFXVI OVERNIGHT. That isn't how development works.

NOT making FFXV DLC is not going to make FFXVI come faster, better etc. You are talking about team members that are likely not even going to work on FFXVI until its likely near its final push. Games take years to make, they are not making FFXVI with 1 person and that 1 person is making FFXV DLC.

FFXV DLC is likely PAYING for FFXVI development or helping.

So don't make money?

No, you need to learn how game development works, learn how business works. For all you know , that DLC team for FFXV will only work on FFXVI's DLC, ie the team was NEVER made to even make a FF game ,never made to write a story etc.

I mean...using your child like logic, BF1 or Battlefront 1 could not be made as DICE was making DLC for BF4 and Hardline at the time.......

You sure?

You sure that maybe....JUST maybe its ANOTHER part of a larger team making that content that is actually irrelevant to another title and funded JUST for that DLC?

I can Red Dead Redemption 2 even exist seeing how GTAV DLC is still coming?

Not an either or. 10 people are not stopping the development of a game that will take YEARS to compete of a staff that could be in the deep hundreds.

Square doesn't just make Final Fantasy. They don't just have 2 people ONLY working on Final Fantasy. It just sounds like you don't understand the structure of game development or business as a whole.

gamer78041536d ago

/sigh.. dlc has its place, but i'd prefer it be done for a stellar game and not a mediocre one.

You are making arguments to where I have made no claims or stated opinions, i can't even follow what you are responding to other than just general statements about dlc.

_-EDMIX-_1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@Gamer- is you who stated. "can we forget about" no. We can't.

That isn't how this works.

None of it...

like I stated, its not an either or. I even gave many examples of how the people making DLC are likely not even the ones that would be making the whole game in the first place, many times even different teams.

"can we forget about" Nope. We don't need to, we can do both. I mean...if you knew how this worked, you'd know that. I mean the fact that you might think 300 plus developers are making DLC is beyond me.

"i can't even follow " Buddy, I'm not sure you can follow much. You've yet to give any real reasons why they should "forget about" anything.

Basically your argument is, "forget about" mobile and DLC and make games instead (never mind that they already are, never mind that the things happening are actually separate, never mind you know not of how they earn money or how development goes, but Gamer7804 knows more then huge company that has been making games for decades.......

yea...that argument isn't working. Do you have a real SOLID reason why they should "forget about" those things or more uneducated guesses? It just sounds like you don't really know enough to really contribute in the first place.

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Gamist2dot01536d ago

As much as I'm not a fan of mobile games, it's Japan. Mobile gaming is huge over there; that's why the Switch, 3DS, and mobile games are selling well in Japan. :/

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