OXM Online: Duke Nukem 3D Review

Like Doom before it, Duke Nukem 3D was a juggernaut in the adolescence of the first-person shooter. And also like Doom, it still stands tall as a fantastic FPS on a system full of great shooters - despite the fact that it's over a decade old.

The Arcade release of Duke is arguably the ultimate version. Besides the original three-episode arc that takes the cocky movie-star-turned- planet-savior from Hollywood to outer space and back as he rescues Earth's ladies from alien abduction, this Duke also includes the Atomic Edition's awesome fourth episode, which offers such memorable levels as the Duke Burger restaurant. OXM Online also dug the new features like online co-op play and the TiVo death system, where your playthrough is recorded, allowing you to go back one second or all the way to the level's start when you die.

* Rich, co-op–enabled campaign that's still funny.
* Eight-player multiplayer holds up remarkably well.

* Minor control issues cause occasional frustration.

* How about giving this treatment to Blood next?

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