Gaming overload

Screen Play: "I'm not feeling too well, you see, I have G.O. syndrome - Gaming overload.

There are three aspects that I have indicated that influence my feelings.

The first two aspects are tied together: consoles and games. I own an Atari XE (PC/Console) NES, SNES, N64, Sega Mega Drive, DS, PS2, Xbox and a PC. Some may have the same, some fewer, others more. I have lent some of my consoles to family to clear some room which helps, but I still own them. The number of consoles does not necessarily reflect GO syndrome well enough. This is because of the second part: games.

Every gamer has a favourite genre that they love to play, often more than one. I have
specific genres that I am a fan of - role playing games, real-time strategy, simulation, sandbox (GTA) and sports (I'm an NBA fan). I have a library that I personally think is too large - for me. All up I have approximately 140 games across nine systems. Breaking that down to a mean average is about 15 games per system.

About seven years ago I had a conversation with a friend that I wouldn't stop gaming. Of course I was about 20 at the time and all these games that were available for the PlayStation were huge. I loved the fact that I had so many games to choose from and could pick up a game and play with no hassles. I had my small collection of PC games as well as my library of Nintendo games spanning the NES to the 64. I was in my own gaming world, playing all these games, having fun and enjoying the thrill of completing them.

Times have changed...which brings me to my third aspect: ennui."

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