Undead Labs Founder Jeff Strain on how State of Decay 2 builds on the original

Five million players graced the zombified ruins of Trumbull County in the original State of Decay. Soon, Undead Labs will unleash its bigger, bolder sequel.

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XXanderXX655d ago

Nice ,, can't wait to see it play .

655d ago
mark_parch655d ago

this and below are my two most anticipated games this year

shaggy2303655d ago

Ive been waiting soooooo long for Below its getting ridiculous, I mean that game was shown of at the Xbox One reveal trailer all those years ago.

I agree though, State of Decay 2 is looking to be a great game, and a day one buy for me.

655d ago
LexHazard79655d ago

This might be the best zombie survival game of the gen. Fingersx

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