Will the Public Save E3?

Christopher Buffa (Indie Obscura): With E3 becoming less important each year, opening its doors to the public could revitalize the show.

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Simon_the_sorcerer2434d ago

Well...I sure hope so, because it would be a shame to see E3 die out.

Legatus2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I don't think E3 needs to be saved, it's still a the biggest deal regarding anything games wise.

MultiConsoleGamer2433d ago

I certainly hope so. E3 is the best time of the year.

Unfortunately what's happening is that companies are starting to realize there's more return in taking the "direct to consumer" approach. E3 is a massive investment. it's very costly, especially for smaller companies.

Also, sadly, websites like NeoGAF and 4chan have created a generation of angry, spoiled, entitled little shits that literally hate everything. These folks will spend all their time shitting on everything for various reasons, whether it's because they're console warriors or because they're just miserable people. This unfortunately greatly lessens the impact and importance of E3. Why spend millions of dollars to exhibit at the show when the public is just going to say how much they hate everything. Once again we can thank NeoGAF for ruining the fun and enjoyment of gaming for everyone.

XXanderXX2433d ago

Does it matter and does anyone care


THE GAME AWARDS 2023: Geoff's Hype Trailer

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PS5 vs PS3 Sales Comparison - October 2023

The VGChartz sales comparison series of articles are updated monthly and each one focuses on a different sales comparison using our estimated video game hardware figures. The charts include comparisons between the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as with older platforms. There are articles based on our worldwide estimates, as well as the US, Europe, and Japan.

This monthly series compares the aligned worldwide sales of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 3.

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eagle211d 1h ago

"In the last 12 months, the PS5 has grown its lead over the PS3 by 8.97 million units. The PlayStation 5 is currently ahead by 18.37 million units."

That's a lot of PS5's. :)

Babadook71h ago

This was a good one. Hope there is something big shown. Thats what I watch the thing for.

anast1h ago

PS5 is dominating all generations.


What Sony’s $8 Billion Lawsuit Might Mean For The Gaming Community

Sony getting slapped with a hefty $7.9 billion lawsuit is probably not the win the gaming community thinks it is.

Kingrizzy904h ago

Half of the people will buy games from the ps store again anyway so they will get some of it back anyways

derek4h ago

Just because a court doesn't dismiss a case from the outset for having zero merit, doesn't mean there is a likelihood of ultimate success.

UpvotedOpinions3h ago

The heart of the matter lies in Sony’s alleged monopolistic control over the sale of digital games and add-on content through the PlayStation Store. The claim asserts that Sony’s stringent terms and conditions imposed on game developers and publishers, along with a hefty 30% commission on each purchase, have led to excessive prices for consumers

Greedy and evil sony and sonys pro-microtransfer fanbase is hurting the gaming community, shame on sony and playstation for milking players and their parents!

1Victor2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

@Upvote:” The claim asserts that Sony’s stringent terms and conditions imposed on game developers and publishers, along with a hefty 30% commission on each purchase, have led to excessive prices for consumers”

It’s a well known fact for years that ALL DIGITAL STORES prey on game developers for the same 30% fees on each purchase.
Microsoft,Nintendo,Sony,Valve ,Google,Apple of the top of my mind does the 30% fees on purchases on their store.
Is this excessive? Yes
Is this predatory? Yes
Is this greed at its finest? Yes
Is it fair to single out one store over all others? NO

rlow12h ago

I hear you but lawyers always have a strategy. Sony is a much easier target than an Apple or Google. If the lawsuit wins, then you set a precedence to take on the bigger guys.

Old_Scout1h ago

Excessive and predatory would be defined by the parties using the platform to sell. 30% for access can't be excessive if they are willing to pay for that access. They are profiting from the access or they would not be using the platform.
Greed. Greed is good. Especially if you hold, in this case, Sony stock.Keep in mind average people hold common stock, and in order to recive dividends (prefered stock has priority), they want companies to be greedy and maxamize that profit. It's the difference between holding stock and hoping to sell high later, and getting paid to hold stock.

Plague-Doctor271h ago

The bigger problem is they need to prove how this effects the consumer. Since Epic only takes an 8-10% fee but the prices on Epic vs Steam are the same, how can they prove a lower cut would benefit the consumer at all

shinoff21832h ago

Although I agree with the suit, 8 billion is a reach. I still prefer physical so I got no horse in the race

Markdn2h ago

In what planet is this relevant!

ironmonkey1h ago

Well sure if your dumpster diving.

Inverno3h ago

IDK what to think of this. Thing is I've seen games on sale on PSN and Steam and they're almost always cheaper on Steam, but idk the pricing on Xbox. This is just to fill their own pockets with money so honestly I hope they lose cause they aren't siding with consumers, just money.

BeHunted3h ago

Where can I buy PlayStation Digital games? Only on PlayStation Store

Where can I buy Xbox and Steam digital games? Cdkeys, Game, Argos, Amazon etc...

There's your answer. If Sony is going to do digital only console they have a Monopoly on their 3rd party Digital games.

anast2h ago

Almost all gaming runs through Windows OS, who owns Windows?

Inverno2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Except you CAN buy PSN games on CDKeys and G2A. Sure the selection isn't huge, but there's your other option. Also games are available on other platforms and you aren't forced to buy a PlayStation. A monopoly would mean there aren't alternatives, which there's 5 other platforms you can game on without ever needing a PlayStation device.

BeHunted2h ago


Sony to Stop Retailers Selling PS4 Game Codes on April 1st 2019