Will Little Big Planet be as big as Youtube?

Can anyone else see this happening? The tools are there for the insomniac geniuses to create marvelous creations and to garner evangelical followers, while the rest of us browse through a myriad of crappy levels only to return to the stars.

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Flops ''R'' Us3702d ago

Its better than every single xbox 360 and wii game combined plus every single social networking experience available today,so I cant disagree with ya

Pain3702d ago

Older not a kid Played Good'ol'days 2D gamers Wet dream.

thats what scares M$, Older People with Money that want it will buy PS3's for it.

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Kholinar3702d ago


Not to detract from LBP at all, but youtube will contain thousands of videos about LBP and thousands about other trends. So LBP won't be that big, but that doesn't mean it can't be huge.

chaosatom3702d ago

LBP is on gaming side and utube is on the internet!!!!!!

TheTimeDoctor3702d ago

how does little big planet compare to sliced bread? lets hash this out.

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CrazyMystical3702d ago

isn't LBP coming to the PC as well, so i think u need to increase that 12 million a tiny bit at least.

jwatt3702d ago

No little big planet wont be as big as youtube but you might see it all over yuotube.

sloth4urluv3702d ago

Id more compare it towards instead of youtube.

therealwillie3702d ago

all i know is that i.... just got rick rolled on LBP......

INehalemEXI3702d ago

First there was crack, then there was evercrack, and then .....there was LBP.

thePatriot3702d ago

youtube equivalent in video game form

JRaptor3702d ago

I think it will behave a lot like YouTube does. You will have some people creating some brilliant levels that everybody hears about, a fair amount of decent stuff and then a lot of rubbish.
Many more people will be viewing (=playing for LBP) than creating if this game sells well.

Obviously its not gonna have as large a community as YouTube, the barriers to entry are much higher - having internet access vs having a PS3 and buying the game. But it will be a smaller game equivalent of YouTube.

It's also likely that the development for the forseeable future is more like the Sims, with expansion packs (equivalent to DLC) which more or may not be free.

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NewSchoolGamer3702d ago

gaming and on the Ps3 but not bigger than youtube although it deserves to be bigger.

The main reason is simply that more people have PCs than PS3s obviously and not all people are creative.

whoelse3702d ago

It cant be bigger since its free to get youtube but not free to buy a PS3 and LBP. But gaming-wise, it could be HUGE.

soljah3702d ago

i could see lbp not as big as say youtube but i can imagine LBP being a huge part of home. lbp having it's own sackboy style area in home