RIP Wii U: The hardware won’t be missed much, but some of the games will

Oh, people will continue to play Wii U games for years to come. It may not have flown off shelves – global sales sit just over 13 million, barely more than half of what GameCube, Nintendo’s previous hardware low point, managed – but it did manage to give out some pretty fun times in its short life. And there’s no reason Wii U owners shouldn’t continue enjoying their systems for as long as their consoles hold out.

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Nodoze653d ago

It's ok, from the looks of it Nintendo's entire strategy is to port WiiU games to the Switch. So you will more than likely be able to play most if not all of them on the Switch. Sad but true.

Gman32652d ago

I like the wiiu it had a few good games it was fun using the wiiu gamepad on some games i would get another wiiu it was not for it costing the same price as the nintendo switch which is sad come on nintendo