PlayTM: PlayTV - Introducing TV on the PS3

PlayTM writes: "While the PlayStation 3 may be slowly but surely reeling in the Xbox 360 in the global sales stakes (while the Wii builds a seemingly insurmountable lead as number one), there is one key area in which Microsoft's console may just have the edge - and that's when it comes to media hub credentials. Yes, Blu-ray may be the winner of the next-gen DVD format tussle, but films on the fledgling media are still expensive and the PS3's gains to date seem largely based on the games line-up.

The Xbox 360, on the other hand, thanks to compatibility with PCs, and of course the highly evolved Xbox Live, is already home to literally lashings of downloadable video content - from big name movies, through TV shows to music videos. Sony, however, are working hard to narrow Redmond's lead, and while Blu-ray's march to victory continues the firm has also confirmed plans for a US video store this year; while PlayTV is now available in the United Kingdom (the rest of Europe will follow in the coming months)."

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