KOEI Games Lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2008

GamingShogun writes,
"KOEI has just unveiled its 'Tokyo Game Show 2008 Line-Up' :

* Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid (PSP)
* Dynasty Warriors 6 Special (PlayStation 2)
* Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (PlayStation 3)
* Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP)
* Zill O'll: Infinite Plus (PSP)
* Monster Racers (Nintendo DS)..."

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NovusTerminus3891d ago

Even with DLC they refuse to use it... Ah well, hopefully Empires will fix the clone problems DW6 had...

sack_boi3891d ago

"So please, Koei, stop making a Dynasty Warriors every 6 months, try to focus on quality, even if it could take several years. Please show us what is a real Dynasty Warriors Next Gen Game."

Ain't gonna happen anytime soon, it's like telling EA to stop releasing Madden evry year.

AAACE53890d ago

Koei needs to do something besides DW and SW games. They aren't that great in the first place, and the franchises are about as worn out as a EA game!

I wonder why, since there are so many people who like these games... why weren't there a lot of buyers for N3 (ninety-nine nights) on 360! To me it was better than these games. I don't get it?

Andreas-Sword3891d ago

I'm really excited for DW 6 Empires , DW Multi Raid and Zill O'll: Infinite Plus. yeah some awesome games :)

kazuma3891d ago

wow no 360 version of dynasty warriors 6 expansion? =|

Chubear3891d ago

A lot of PSP titles from them

heyheyhey3891d ago

a PS3 exclusive DW game in Japan? ouch, seems like MS threw a lot of money down the drain trying to gain leverage in Japan

testerg353891d ago

So now DW is a great franchise?

heyheyhey3891d ago

no, huge in Japan though..

i couldn't care less about DW, just that- this is kinda megaton stuff in Japan

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The story is too old to be commented.