Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Arrives Today; Includes PS3 and PS4 Games Worth More Than $330

Publisher THQ Nordic today announced a cooperation with PlayStation and Humble Bunde to bring the ‘Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle’ to HumbleBundle.

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XiNatsuDragnel2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

How in Gamer gods name is this not an amazing deal.

Resis7ance2612d ago

It's an amazing deal on some great PlayStation classics.

nX2612d ago

+ Arcania which is definitely worth more than 1$.

2612d ago
IamTylerDurden12611d ago

I already own both Darksiders games on PS3 and PS4 but the first tier is absolutely worth it for Red Faction and Arcania alone. Then, throw in Dungeon bros and the two point n clicks and i think i can muster up two bucks for that. Always wanted to try the original Red Faction.

If u do not own either Darksiders game i urge u to get the $15 tier. It's worth it for Warmastered and Deathinitive alone, especially if u own a PS4 Pro. Warmastered is gorgeous in 4K on PS4 Pro and Deathinitive runs much smoother on Pro. U are in for a treat if u are new to the series.

Pantz2611d ago

Wow Physical copies are better and cheaper

Eonjay2611d ago

You do realize you get all of these games for $15, right?

danknassty2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Not really that simple. I prefer the convenience of digital to disc any day. I have an 8 TB external drive for my PS4's digital collection as it's massive. When I'm doing remote play from another location outside my home I can go from game to game to game without swapping discs. I keep a spreadsheet of digital games I own in-case there is ever a license issue, I can grill Sony on it and have the receipts in my email. The whole argument that discs are more permanent ownership is a bit weak as well.. if they get scratches or are stolen, they are as good as gone. I still have digital licenses for my PS3 purchases and PS Vita purchases, as well as my PS4. They haven't magically disappeared. To each their own, just sharing my experience. Look at Steam and PC gaming, it's pretty much all digital. I feel it's the way of the future, whether gamers like it or not.

2611d ago
Pantz2611d ago

you can resell physical games for a profit. goodluck selling your digital games.

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mkis0072612d ago

I wanted most of these games! Awesome timing