Motorstorm - Crash, crash and crash

A long video of Motorstorm's impressive crashes, showing off the nice physics engine they developped for this game.

This game promises some epic multiplayer moments !

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SimmoUK5231d ago

Amazing the best crash scene video out there at the moment for Motorstorm, nice roadrash knocking off of bikes and quads as well, just a shame about the youtube quality video...

achira5231d ago

very awesome game, and i will get it for free.

Hey Zeus5231d ago

Now this is a game to be excited about!

DJ5231d ago

I love the way the Grizzly Level looks with cloud cover. Multiplayer's going to be insane.

ApocalypseShadow5230d ago

the cloud cover,actually,the lighting in the game in general is just sick.anyone who does not believe evolution studios did not hit their target are fools.and it's only going to get better if they make a sequel.

the enemy AI just seems ruthless.can't wait to see night time video.

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