The 6 Best Hand Drawn Games on Steam

We are going to run down the top hand drawn graphical games that are out right now. The hand drawn graphical style has really taken off in recent years, with advancement in technologies that allow artists to move their skill over to the digital platform. Hidden Folk To kick things off, I’m gonna pick Hidden Folk. It’s a game that has only recently been released and I actually reviewed it last week [link]. The idea for the game is to find hidden folk in the hand drawn interactive landscapes, everything you click on has a cute little animation. Everything in …

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Metroidvania Corner: Hollow Knight

VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "Sometimes a game gets so much attention that it’s basically impossible to do a retrospective on the genre without talking about it, and Hollow Knight probably fits that description for the Metroidvania genre better than just about any game that isn’t actually an official Metroid or Castlevania title. It’s now been seven years since Hollow Knight launched, and while the initial PC launch didn’t garner an astounding amount of acclaim, by the time the Switch release rolled around the following year it had developed an intense cult following, to the point where it isn’t uncommon to find Hollow Knight on “best of all time” lists.

I had initially planned to wait until Hollow Knight’s DLC/Expansion/Sequel/Whatever it is now, Silksong, was close to being released to drop this piece, but it’s increasingly becoming clear to me that Team Cherry is waiting for the heat death of the universe to release anything, so let’s just forget timeliness and talk about it now."

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The 5 best games on PlayStation Plus Premium that make subscribing worth it

The PS5 is an incredible console, and if you're lucky enough to have one, or have just received one for Christmas then you'll already know there is a host of great games out there.

What you may not be aware of is that if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you'll actually get access to a huge catalogue of titles to play at any time. Many of which you can stream without having to do any downloads. If you have a PlayStation Portal you could even play these titles from your bed.

Abnor_Mal48d ago

Damn the only one I’ve played so far is Miles Morales, although I do own Control and Rift Apart.

DeusFever48d ago

Odd list. Where is Horizon Forbidden West? Ghost of Tsushima? Demon’s Souls? Returnal? And fun indie games like Superliminal? Where’s “A Plage Tale Requiem” and “Evil West”, the current PS+ Essential offerings?

Exvalos36d ago

Evil west is underrated I'm having a really good time playing it.

juniorpop47d ago

Like seriously? Those are games Extra Tier can get - so not worth upgrading to Premium


Games to play while waiting for Blasphemous 2

These are some of the greatest games similar to Blasphemous to play while waiting for the much-anticipated Blasphemous 2.

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