RiME Release Date Pushed Back on Nintendo Switch

Releasing in May on PS4, PC and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch version of upcoming indie adventure RiME has been pushed back to later in 2017.

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PhoenixUp656d ago

Geez not only do NS owners have to pay more for this game, they have to wait even longer to receive it

SlappingOysters656d ago

But will it be better????


Neonridr655d ago

meh.. devs didn't exactly have as much time to get the Switch version up and ready now did they? It will be different moving forward now, but the Switch did sort of show up right in the middle...

As long as they are taking the additional time to improve on whatever needs fixing, I am ok with it.

Relientk77655d ago

I hope this game is as good as it looked in the reveal trailer

Darkfist_Flames655d ago

Good, just finish with the ones you already start developing for.