16 Insanely Underrated PS4 Exclusives You Must Play

At time of writing there's not a single system-selling Xbox One exclusive already out or on the horizon, proving that all major developers and publishers looking to do anything platform-exclusive have shifted their focus over to Camp Sony. Yes, the majority of third-party stuff parlays with both companies, but it's not until you take a step back and realise just how genuinely chasmic the divide between the two console's libraries are, that it'll hit home how much this generation is a win of epic proportions for Team PlayStation.

Speaking of which, there are enough underrated and overlooked gems on the PS4, that continue to run circles around any triple-A Xbox One exclusive. It's that simple.

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Wotbot562d ago

When will it ever end, get a life.

bouzebbal562d ago

That's a nice pick, but none of these is underrated. They were all praised by the critics.
i would choose Knack and Driveclub. Two extremely underrated games, but very fun to play.

Stogz562d ago

Anyone that likes horror movies at all should get Until Dawn. That game is so much fun!

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