A Rough Month: Mass Effect Was Xbox One's Second Best Game Of March 2017

GameRevolution: "This became particularly troublesome for Microsoft during March. Despite being one of the three most important months of the year in the gaming industry, the Xbox One was practically devoid of any widely appealing games. In-fact, its top three highest rated titles of the month were Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (75 Metascore), Mass Effect: Andromeda (77 Metascore), and The Inner World (77 Metascore), all of which are multiplatform."

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tyasia02363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

So, two multi-platforms and a mobile game... ouch

And the sad fact is ME:A and Ghost Recon are not only the biggest games last month they are the biggest games so far this year for XBone.

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XanderZane2361d ago

They are probably even bigger games on the PS4 with so many more systems sold. Multiplats usually are the best selling games each month. I don't see the problem.

NPD Top 10 games for Feb 2017 - http://www.playstationlifes...

1. For Honor
2. Resident Evil 7 biohazard
3. Grand Theft Auto V
4. NBA 2K17
5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
6. Rainbow Six Siege
7. Madden NFL 17
8. Battlefield 1
9. Nioh
10. Overwatch

Lime1232361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I see the problem. PS4 so far this year had 8 80+ metascore exclusives, while Xbox One is waiting it's first (sadly Halo Wars 2 stopped at 79).

Btw Is that Nioh charted in February NPD, and Halo Wars 2 didn't? My god, what is happening with Halo (and Xbox) brand?

XanderZane2361d ago

Forza Horizon 3 had a score of 91. Forza 6, FH2, Gears 4, Sunset Overdrive, Rare Replay, Killer Instinct Season 3, etc... all scored over 80 on metacritics. Next time do some research before letting your fanboyism speak.


OffirYehezkel2361d ago

He said this year, learn to read moron.

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skydragoonityx2363d ago

The Xbone gamers deserve better from MS

_-EDMIX-_2362d ago


Based on what they've put out, I just don't see enough reason to own one. Even with them putting games on PC, I don't even see much games I even want to buy from them on PC.

This is pretty bad.

Why o why2361d ago

Scorpio will fix everything ...you must of missed the groundswell . . . . Having the best multiplats will now be the defacto for VICTORY ..........⸮

LordJamar2361d ago

then dont buy one and move on with your life you were never gonna get one stop pretending

nX2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

People thinking that "Scorpio will fix everything" must be mentally retarded. If Microsoft doesn't start releasing worthwhile exclusives you are left with games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Ghost Recon... in 4k, oh wow! Meanwhile people on the other side are playing masterpieces like Horizon and Nioh in 4k as well, which even if upscaled, look better than any games I've seen so far.

JasonKCK2361d ago

The concern coming from Sony fanboys is entertaining to watch

Bathyj2361d ago

@JasonKCK at least you have something then to entertain you.

You know some of us would actually buy an Xbox if we thought it had something different to offer from what we already have. Not everything is a concerned trolling effort. Ive been gaming for nearly 40 years so its not like I grew up on Playstation and thats all Ive ever known or liked.

I miss the days when it felt like it was worth owning a Playstation and an Xbox and a Nintendo because they were all different and all stood out in their own right. Xbox just feels like a weaker PS4 that doesnt play its exclusives.

Thats why I dont have one. It offers me nothing significantly new that I cant play already. And slightly better looking multiplats will not be enough either. When it feels like a console you want to play Microsoft exclusives on again, I will get one.

That, and I am looking at getting a 4k Bluray player. If I can pay a bit extra and get a console as well then I may do that. Im waiting to see if Scorpio is worth it, so price will be a factor. But it will be a bit sad if Im buying it as a movie player first and a games machine second but that may be the reality, until I see MS reverse their trend of letting everyone else make games for them while they churn out the same 3 titles.

_-EDMIX-_2361d ago

@why-did you read my post? Why would a Scorpio fix whether or not I want Microsoft games on PC? I've already made the decision to not purchase an Xbox One and simply just by their games on PC but they haven't even released that many good games for me to even purchase a single game by them this entire generation on PC.


@lord- pretending what? I'm not going to buy an Xbox One or Scorpio Microsoft is an multi-platform publisher they make games on both PC and Xbox One my point is simply that they don't even make good enough games for me to have a single title I even want on PC as of right now.

@jason- concerned? Fanboy? You have to understand that I'm a gamer that owns multiple systems anyway and if I own a gaming PC and I own a PlayStation 4 in a publisher is not even really some good enough games for me to buy on PC what's to Fanboy about? I already own a system that is receiving Microsoft games and they're not even making good enough games for me to have a single one that I'm considering to buy on PC. ..

Problem has nothing to do with PlayStation Fanboys or Xbox Fanboys and for god sakes my comment is telling you that the games they're releasing are terrible regardless of platform.

I own the PC and they're not making games good enough for me to buy

I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with Sony.

So there was no way I was even slightly going to consider purchasing and Xbox One simply because I don't even have one and game from Microsoft on PC.

So trying to pretend that it's just people who don't own the platform pretending to be concerned is Abit Ludacris When I own a PC.

Sooooooo yes bud, I very much am concerned when I own the platform and they don't even release a single game that's interesting enough for me to even purchase from them.

I think you guys legitimately cannot take it that they're not making good games LMFAO!! 😂😂😂 28514;

Buddy I was happy when Microsoft announced they were bringing all their titles to PC only to realize they begin to cancel all these games left and right and now we're still left here waiting for a reason to buy even one Microsoft game on PC

Scalebound was actually the only game from Microsoft that I was actually looking to purchase on PC now it's back down to zero...

Bathyj2361d ago


"I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with Sony. "

Because everyone who doesnt like the way Microsoft handle their console business and thinks they have been doing a piss poor job since Kinect 1 was announced is a Sony fanboy.

Didnt you know that?

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Razzer2362d ago

Exactly. I just wish they would be more vocal about it and let MS know.

GrubsterBeater2361d ago

Their egos won't allow them to. They would rather cover their ears and go lalalalalala, than have to admit that MS is giving them crap in terms of game diversity, quality, quantity, and new IP's. They can't in any way elude to the fact that getting an XBox One may have been a bad decision, so they downplay anything PS, and pump up their lackluster offerings and ignore reality.

The sad thing is that if XBox fans were to voice their outrage and dissatisfaction of the XBox and it's offerings, then MS would probably start to deliver more. Instead, they are okay getting the BARE MINIMUM, and MS says it's the best lineup ever...

We all need to keep MS, PlayStation, and Nintendo's feet to the fire to ensure that we get the best games possible and get as much as possible while retaining quality, variety and risk.

LordJamar2361d ago

@GrubsterBeater you tell so many lies

nX2361d ago

Well said, pretty much what I've been preaching for the past 10 years. Though to me it seems like there is a silent majority of gamers who is fine with the yearly Gears/Halo/Forza/FIFA/CoD releases, which is really sad when you think about all the other games that are being released every month. Playstation always felt like the most complete console but this generation there is not even proper competition anymore.

Bathyj2361d ago

Thats funny because when I think of Xbox fanboys that exactly what I think of. Axel Foley going lalala, Jeffery you are still talking but I am not listening to you. They dont want to hear, they dont want to know. They have their heads in the sand and apparently ignorance is bliss.

They really do owe Playstation fans a debt of gratitude. If not for them complaining the DRM and Games sharing and always on might have gone through. So many XB fanboys tried to tell us, no, thats ok, I dont mind that stuff. It was the PS fans mainly kicking up the stink. Im not saying their motives were pure. I didnt like it because of what it meant for gaming as a whole, but Im sure many were just seizing a weakness and exploiting it for their console war agenda, but regardless of motive, that fact remains they were the vocal opponents. I think if it had been up to XB fans and them only, all that crap would have sailed through. So yeah, a little thanks would be nice if your happy with your XBOne now. Like it or not, PS fans helped shape that and it was better for the industry too.

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yeahright22362d ago

I'll also agree to this. It gets worrisome when just one company pulls this far ahead. I love my PS4, don't get me wrong, but this was the same stew brewing that caused the PS3 launch.

Rude-ro2361d ago

The PS3 was battled due to their architecture not because they were successful.
Everyone under the sun that was involved in pc did not like sonys architecture design thus going against the majority of hardware developers. It was a whole other battle that many gamers missed or was not aware of.
Sony was trying to develope new ways of computing and trying to fight piracy through that designs of hardware... something Microsoft could not allow to happen.

What a consumer should worry about is a company that does not produce products in their own business... i.e. Monopolizing the market to be in the market. Just like Sony got shutdown hardware wise for the ps3.

The console itself did very well, just not as good as ps2.
The 360 did well due to third party exclusive games and the one year on the market to allow them to sign these deals and hide behind the fact they were the only new gen hardware on the market. A mistake Sony avoided this gen.

yeahright22361d ago

Sony has been fighting piracy for quite some time, and some of their woes came from the cell processor, yes, all that's true, but I was referring more to the arrogance that came from the PS2's success. The whole, "go get two jobs" thing and "they're sold out, I challenge you to find one"... Things like that aren't best attitude to have, and that's more what I was talking about. that's not the Sony I want to return.

Eonjay2361d ago

This comment will get you shot in the Xbox community. Are you really gonna have your own opinion about what you deserve contrary to what Microsoft has provided for you? Thats just bold sir.

trooper_2361d ago

They do. It's either Gears, Halo, Forza, or multiplats.

Trekster_Gamer2361d ago

Better like Sony???? isn't this the company whose console was hacked and didn't let people know about for months?? is this is this what you're talking about??

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2pacalypsenow2363d ago

Those review scores are not accurate, since usually Xbox and PC don't get as many reviews.

Wildlands would be a 72 and Andromeda a 74 taking all consoles, doesn't make it any better.

Bigpappy2363d ago

I don't get the obsession with review scores. If you want to talk about a game doing badly or doing well, you have to give me sales figures.

Aenea2362d ago

Yeah, an even lower rated game could be outselling these!

Spectre_StatusN72362d ago

Metacritic gives a general consensus.

Razzer2362d ago

Sales numbers don't necessarily mean a game is good.