Cayde-6 is All of Us, and Destiny 2's Trailer Totally Knows It

The Destiny universe is full of many characters, but none as charming as Cayde-6. He isn't just a guy we love, he's basically us, and Destiny 2 knows it.

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Antarius7172432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

He really is the best character in game. Of course Nathan Fillion playing him is what makes Cayde so enjoyable. In Rise of Iron they tried a rip off the character who came off, imo, as quite lame.

CitizenFour2432d ago

Agreed. Nathan Fillion does a great job. I don't think Cayde would be quite as good if it were anyone else.

cell9892432d ago

Definitely my fave character in the game


Bungie Pulls Destiny 2's Controversial $15 Starter Pack Over Massive Backlash Over 'Pay-to-Win' Item

Just one day after the launch of Season of the Wish, Bungie has removed a $15 "starter pack" microtransaction for Destiny 2 that quickly became the subject of criticism and backlash over pay-to-win concerns.

Mr_cheese1d 3h ago


Microtransactions are a disease

The_Hooligan20h ago

Agreed! I am glad people decided to voice their opinions. Companies should stop with their bloated prices of so called packs/add-ons. Whatever happened to making a decent DLC that actually felt worth the asking price?


Destiny 2: Starter Pack is a Confusing and Frustrating Addition

As Bungie gears up to release Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, a new purchasable item called Destiny 2: Starter Pack was added. - IS

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Kaii2d ago

Greed isn't confusing though, they can't even combine every additional dlc since launch to make it a simplistic experience.
It just makes it easier to ignore honestly.

Snookies122d ago

Yep, right on the money. Keeps people away, more than anything. Every so often, I get the urge to get back into Destiny. Since I absolutely love the gameplay so much. Then I remember why I left. Because Bungie are greedy and don't really care about their playerbase. We need some change in leadership over there, that's for sure.

Stanjara2d ago

Like mobile carrier data plans. They confuse the consumer so much that he just says yes.

Well, consumer in this case should say NO.

northpaws2d ago

I wanted to jump in Destiny 2 again before but in entry cost to too high. All expansions + 3 players squad only made it impossible for my group to join.

StoneTitan2d ago

I mean the legacy pack was like 10-20 bucks. Thats three expansions right there with lots of playtime. Its really not high

Pamela_Doove2d ago

Literally some of the worst exotic weapons in the game! I feel for new players trying to fathom out what destiny is truly about, if they even can. So glad I'm done with this game....some good times were had but it started going sour even before lightfall dropped and I have no intentions of visiting it again, as neither do my clan friends, and we were all d1 and d2 vets. Shame they couldn't keep our interest and attention to the very end.

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Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab details revealed, available today

Bungie and CDPR on the creative process behind new Destiny 2: Season of the Wish gear, launching today.

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GamingManiac1d 20h ago

Yay another way too overpriced MID armor set...