Volition Currently Has No Plans to Bring Agents Of Mayhem to the Nintendo Switch

Today, Saints Row developer Volition announced that its new single-player open-world action game, Agents of Mayhem, is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15th in North America and August 18th in all other territories.

As you may notice a Nintendo Switch release is not included in the above release platforms, but for those of you still hoping you will be able to pick the game up on Nintendo’s new console, there's bad news: you won’t be able to.

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Majin-vegeta565d ago

Just like most other 3rd parties.Its a wait and see see if it's worth the porting

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory565d ago

let me guess more twitter idiots going around asking devs about possible switch version.
Western devs for the matter when we know then answer is going to be NO 99% of the time,

bluefox755565d ago

And you don't see that as a problem?

AspiringProGenji565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

First month and yet another 3rd party dev with no plans to bring games to the Switch. The prophecy is on track

List of 3rd party and partners for Nintendo Switch by the end of the year:













porkChop565d ago

Not a big loss, really. But later this year, if the Switch has taken off, you'll see a lot of devs and pubs change their tune. Money talks, bullshit walks.

rdgneoz3565d ago

Same was said of the WiiU, which had a bigger 3rd party launch (not old ports or shovelware). It also depends on what's needed to run the games, as several devs like the TitanFall guys have said it would not be even possible for the switch to handle their games.

Tussin187565d ago

If people actually buy 3rd party then things may change. They can sell 200 million systems but if people are only buying 1st party then we still won't see 3rd party games.

Example: The Wii

Sold over 100 mill and had pretty much no 3rd party support.

porkChop564d ago

Of course. They'll only port games to a platform if it will make them money, that goes without saying.

FallenAngel1984565d ago

You hardly see any western publishers announcing their AAA multiplats on NS

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