Brand new Motorstorm images

Nine all new Motorstorm images. The graphics are absolutely stunning, this will definately be a must have PS3 title.

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Hey Zeus5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Amazing, is a better word, i've played the game of this and it rocks, the graphics were good in that demo and i can't wait those how they are in the finished version!

Antan5222d ago

Nice. Theres a very positive preview in the feb issue of Edge mag also. Looking very good for the US and EURO release.

Hey Zeus5222d ago

The best thing about this game is it's actually really fun to play, so i can see them making a lot of improvements to this game in future sequels, they have brought a new franchise to the table which rocks!

zonetrooper55222d ago

This is the game i wil buy with my PS3 but i really want a price drop :(

dbug3605221d ago

will be getting this game, even just a small price cut or just something added to our launch cos we had to wait so dam long

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The story is too old to be commented.