Dead Space Pre-Order Bonus

EA sent a newsletter today about the pre-order bonus for Dead Space.

If you will pre-order the game you will get a limited and exclusive art book.

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Killjoy30003676d ago

These are the most underrated bonuses ever. Who wouldn't want a T-shirt for putting 5 bucks down on Mirror's Edge?

shye3676d ago

dead space??? for some reason this game doesn't do anything for me...

Rich16313676d ago

Nice bonus, but I am not sure about this game. I will wait until reviews before I do anything. The developers seem to really given it there all, though. In the documentaries it seems like they know what they are doing. I mean the PS3 version has trophy support and NO HDD install. Which means they optimized the hell out of the engine.

Radiodread3676d ago

Dead Space and Mirror's Edge better be good for their sake, but I think they will be that's why I already preordered them.

Rich16313676d ago

Yeah, Mirror's Edge looks very very cool.

Excalibur3676d ago

Give me something worth while not a 3 page "Art" book.
More levels extra baddies something other than beads and trinkets.