Batman: Arkham Origins bundle only five bucks for PC

For the price of a foot-long sub you can now pick up the Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Pack at Bundle Stars.

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nikrel658d ago

There hasn't been a 5 dollar footlong in years... this is a deal.

TheVigilanteCode658d ago

Grab this people. This is THE BEST Arkham game in terms of story, and on par with all other games by R'steady at world design, side missions and gameplay (AK is still superior here in this regard as it's literally a Batman sim, but the series doesn't revolve around its depth/complexity in gameplay anyway - much like the god of war games but with an open world and traversal, but the same casual gameplay where everyone can enjoy).

Oh, and the Mr.Freeze DLC is included as well. Couldn't care about all those character skins but it's a hit or miss for everyone, with those predator missions. I personally like them but the either mission type where you're thrown in an arena and have to face a horde of goons, that gets boring quickly and its too easy.